Cold Steel, Incorporated was founded in 1980, a company dedicated to making the strongest, sharpest knives in the world.

Over the last three decades, Cold Steel has been at the forefront of the many innovations that have helped to define the knife industry as a whole. Progressive accomplishment, including the introduction of the checked Kraton® handles, and the tanto point blade styles have gone from curiously interesting features to industry-wide hallmarks of quality and sophistication.

New ground was also broken with the introduction of unique new blade steels like San Mai III® and Tri-Ad™ Lock& locking mechanism for folding knives. Tri-Ad™ Lock for example, has never been equaled by any of Cold Steel's competitors and nothing they have produced yet has been proven to outperform it.

Of course Cold Steel will always look to the future, constantly striving to make the world's strongest, sharpest knives. That goal as elusive and difficult to achieve as it is, has been the same for the past thirty years.

Code Steel-4 Clip Point
2014-02-10 09:38
CODE 4® SERIES Blade StyleSKU # Clip Point Plain Edge #58TPC Clip Point Half Serrated #58TPCH Spear Plain Plain Edge #58TPS
58TPC SALE: $99.99 each
Cold Sheet Latin Machete
2015-08-07 09:39
Specifications:Blade Length: 18"Overall Length: 23 5/8"Steel: 1055 Carbon Steel w/ Black Baked on Anti Rust Matte FinishWeight: 14.9 ozBlade Thickness
MO-CS-97AM18S SALE: $24.99 each
Cold Steel 1796 Light Cavalry Saber
2014-02-11 11:38
Specifications:Blade Length: 33"Overall Length: 37 3/4"Steel: 1055 CarbonWeight: 34.2 ozHandle: 4 3/4"Scabbard: Wood / Leather Scabbard w/ Steel Fitti
88S SALE: $409.99 each
Cold Steel 1815 French Officer's Saber
2014-02-11 10:36
Specifications:Blade Length: 32"Overall Length: 38"Steel: 1055 CarbonWeight: 33.5 ozHandle: 6"Scabbard: Polished Stainless Steel Scabbard With Brass F
88NF SALE: $774.99 each
Cold Steel 1830 Napolean Saber
2014-02-11 10:46
Specifications:Blade Length: 33 3/4"Overall Length: 39"Steel: 1055 CarbonWeight: 37.7 ozHandle: 5 1/4"Scabbard: Steel Scabbard Napoleon's cavalry w
88NS SALE: $399.99 each
Cold Steel 1904 Austrian Saber
2014-02-11 11:21
Specifications:Blade Length: 34"Overall Length: 40 1/8"Steel: 1055 CarbonWeight: 33.9 ozHandle: 6 1/8"Scabbard: Steel Scabbard The 1904 Austrian Ca
88PSB SALE: $399.99 each
Cold Steel 1911 Rubber Training Pistol
2014-02-10 10:44
Specifications: Weight: 12 oz. Length: 8 5/8" Width: 1" Height: 5 3/4" Material: Green Colored Polypropylene Hammer Down, Safety Off.
92RGC11 SALE: $31.99 each
Cold Steel 1917 Cutlass
2014-02-10 12:52
Specifications:Blade Length: 25"Overall Length: 29 5/8"Steel: 1055 CarbonWeight: 33.7 ozHandle: 4 5/8" HardwoodScabbard: Leather Scabbard w/ Brass and
88CS SALE: $289.99 each
Cold Steel 1917 Frontier Bowie
2014-02-11 06:05
Specifications:Weight: 23.8 ozBlade Thickness: 1/4"Blade Length: 12 1/4"Handle: 5 3/8" HardwoodSteel: 1055 CarbonOverall: 17 5/8"Sheath: Leather Sheat
88CSAB SALE: $199.99 each
Cold Steel 1917 Hybrid Cutlass
2014-02-11 06:11
  Our company President Lynn C Thompson drew upon his vast sword fighting experience to combine the finest attributes of several different sword
88CSH SALE: $299.99 each
Cold Steel 1917 Saber
2014-02-11 06:16
Specifications:Blade Length: 31"Overall Length: 36"Steel: 1055 CarbonWeight: 42.1 ozHandle: 5"Scabbard: Leather Scabbard w/ Brass and Copper Fittings
88CSSN SALE: $339.99 each
Cold Steel 3 Gladius Throwers with Tri-Sheath
2015-08-09 11:42
Specifications:Weight: 10.7 oz.Blade Thickness: 5 mmBlade Length: 8 1/4"Handle: 5 3/4" Long.Overall: 14"Sheath: Special Cor-Ex™ Sheath Hold Three Bl
MO-CS-80TG3S SALE: $89.99 each
Cold Steel 3V Magnum Tanto
2015-08-07 11:29
Specifications:Weight: 11.4 oz.Blade Thickness: 5 mmBlade Length: 7 1/2"Handle: 5 5/8" Long. Kray-Ex™Overall: 13 1/8"Steel: U.S. CPM 3-V High Carbon
MO-CS-13QMBII SALE: $349.99 each
Cold Steel 3V Master Tanto
2015-08-08 06:46
Specifications:Weight: 6.4 oz.Blade Thickness: 3/16"Blade Length: 4 1/2"Handle: 4 3/4" Long. Kray-Ex™Overall: 9 1/4"Steel: U.S. CPM 3-V High Carbon
MO-CS-36CC SALE: $169.99 each
Cold Steel 4-Max
2015-08-06 10:55
Specifications:Weight: 9.2 oz.Blade Thickness: 4.5 mmBlade Length: 4"Handle: 6" Long G-10 Desert TanOverall: 10"Steel: CPM-20CVPocket Clip: Pocket / B
MO-CS-62RM SALE: $599.99 each
Cold Steel Accessories For Blow Guns
2015-09-16 13:03
Add this 2 Foot Extension to your 4 Foot Blow Gun to increase range and velocity of your darts.Item #: B625EFits Only Model Numbers : B625T, B6255, &a
MO-CS-B625E SALE: $11.99 each
Cold Steel African Walking Stick
2014-02-11 21:15
Specifications:Weight: 25.3 ozOverall Length: 37"2 3/4 Head 1 3/4" Neck 1 1/4" Base The Zulus are perhaps the fiercest, most combative tribe in all
91WAS SALE: $42.99 each
Cold Steel AK-47
2014-02-10 09:31
Specifications:Weight: 5.3 oz.Blade Thickness: 3.5 mmBlade Length: 3 1/2"Overall: 9"Handle: 5 1/2" Long. G-10Steel: Carpenter CTS® XHP Alloy w/ DLC C
58TLCAK SALE: $174.99 each
Cold Steel Ak-47 Field Knife
2015-08-06 10:57
Specifications:Weight: 11.1 oz.Blade Thickness: 5 mmBlade Length: 5 1/5"Handle: 4 7/8" Long. OD Green G-10Overall: 10 3/8"Steel: U.S. CPM 3-V High Car
MO-CS-14AKVG SALE: $284.99 each
Cold Steel All Terrain Chopper
2014-02-12 11:58
Specifications:Blade Length: 21 1/2"Overall Length: 30 1/2"Steel: 1055 Carbon Steel w/ Black Baked on Anti Rust Matte FinishWeight: 35.5 ozBlade Thick
97TMSTS SALE: $43.99 each