Why buy an expensive Fallkniven product?
It’s correct to put that question. What do you get, actually? Well, first of all you get a lot of knife from the very start, a knife which is strong, comfortable and stays sharp very well or extremely well. And, after some ten or twenty years, it’s time for grinding the knife back to original shape. Ten dollars later, you can continue to use the knife for another ten years, or so. You also get a safe knife, well tested long before it was put into production. As a result, our warranty commitments are as low as 0,1 %.

Expensive? No. Cost effective? Yes.
And during all these years you have had the access to a much reliable knife, well tested by both elite soldiers and people who use to stay long in the wilderness. Check your knife account, we are sure that you haven’t bought many more knives after you made your first purchase of a Falky knife. Expensive? No. Enjoyable? Yes.

Instead, you’ve been climate smart! You haven’t gone for those fancy, hip, fashion, super cheap knives though they look good and were offering a smart surface and design. There is a straight connection between price and quality and for sure, you understand that a cheap knife cannot provide much of a quality. So, buying many cheap knives, you are wasting our limited earth resources and still you need to replace them every year because they don’t stand up to your expectations.

So, now you know. Buying cheap is expensive, buying quality will make you smile. Save your wallet and the climate and buy a Fallkniven product – you won’t regret that!

Fallkniven S1 Lam. VG10 Steel Thermorun Handle
2019-10-20 16:41
The Fallkniven S1 Forest Knife is one of the best knife ever made for outdoor adventure and fishing. The sturdy blade of the S1 made of extremely
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