Jetboil 1.5L Cooking Pot Orange Color
2013-02-10 15:46
The 1.5 Liter pot offers cooking versatility with a wide-open form factor that makes it easy to simmer and cook for small groups. Folding wire handles
CCP150 SALE: $50.65 each
Jetboil Fry Pan Orange Color
2013-02-10 15:46
A long-time standard for outdoor cooking, now updated and improved through the use of Jetboil’s FluxRing® technology, which provides incredibly eve
FRYPAN SALE: $42.21 each
Jetboil Locking Pot Support and Stabilizer
2013-02-10 15:46
The locking Pot Support & Stabilizer kit adapts the Jetboil PCS, Zip, Flash, Sol and Sol Ti burners for use with our FluxRing® Fry Pan and 1.5 Liter
PST075 SALE: $12.66 each
Jetboil Coffee Press
2013-02-10 15:46
Upgrade your backcountry beverage selection with our feather-light Coffee Press. Stem detaches from basket so you can stow in your PCS cup.Weight0.8 o
COF075 SALE: $12.66 each
Jetboil Utensil Set
2013-02-10 15:46
The ideal utensils for Jetboil cooking systems or meals-in-a-bag. Long enough to comfortably reach the bottom of the PCS or GCS, and specially shaped
UTNSFS SALE: $8.43 each
Jetboil Hanging Kit
2013-02-10 15:46
Perfect for big wall climbs or backcountry ski trips, the Hanging Kit is lightweight and easy to use. The kit attaches securely to your PCS/GCS burner
HNGKIT SALE: $25.32 each
Jetboil PCS/GCS Maintenance Kit
2013-02-10 15:46
Make sure your Jetboil PCS/ GCS stove is operating at peak performance. Kit contents: piezoelectric igniter.* Not compatible with Zip, Flash, Sol, Sol
MNT100 SALE: $5.06 each
Jetboil Fuel 100gm 3 Pack
2013-02-10 15:46
Available in 100 g (case of 24 cans), 230 g (case of 24 cans), and 450 g (case of 12 cans).For maximum efficiency and minimum consumption, use our hig
JETPWR-100 SALE: $12.66 each
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Jetboil Crunchit Fuel Canister Recycling Tool
2013-02-10 15:46
Enjoy butane canister convenience without creating landfill waste, thanks to Jetboil's CrunchIt™ Butane Canister Recycling Tool. Safe, fool-proof, a
CRNCH SALE: $5.06 each
Jetboil 1.8L SUMO FluxRing Companion Cup
2013-02-10 15:46
Sumo is big & fast, powering through cooking chores while sipping fuel daintily. When used with the allseason Sol burner, 1.8 liter Sumo is a snow
CCP180-SUM SALE: $50.65 each
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Jetboil 1.0L Heat-Indicating Companion Cup
2013-02-10 15:46
This FluxRing® enabled heat-n-eat mug lets you save weight by sharing your burner base and fuel with friends. The window on cozy starts to turn color
CCP075-CIN SALE: $46.43 each
Jetboil .8L FluxRing Sol Aluminium Companion Cup
2013-02-10 15:46
The Sol Aluminium Companion cup adds expandability for Jetboil Sol, Zip, or Flash cooking systems. The 0.8 liter Jetboil Sol Aluminium FluxRing® Comp
CCP080-AL SALE: $42.21 each
Jetboil Sol Advanced Cooking System
2013-02-10 15:46
Designed to fuel your backcountry passion, Jetboil Sol delivers ultimate performance and reliability in extreme conditions.Trust Jetboil Sol to delive
SOL-AL SALE: $101.31 each
Jetboil Flash Java Kit Tomato Color
2013-02-10 15:46
Just add water! The Flash Java Kit makes it a snap to enjoy fresh-roasted coffee whenever you work or play outdoors. It will brew two perfect cups of
FLSHJAVA SALE: $92.87 each
Jetboil Zip Cooking System Black Color
2013-02-10 15:46
Rely on Jetboil Zip to provide hot food and drinks quickly and conveniently when you want them the most. Distilled from the flagship Jetboil PCS desig
ZIP SALE: $67.54 each
Jetboil Sumo Group Cooking System Orange Color
2013-02-10 15:46
The all new Sumo™ Group Cooking System integrates the all weather Sol burner with the high capacity Sumo Companion Cup, yielding an unmatched blend
SUMO SALE: $109.75 each
Jetboil Sumo TI Group Cooking System Sand Color
2013-02-10 15:46
FOR FAST AND EFFICIENT WATER BOILING ONLYThe all new Sumo™ Group Cooking System integrates the all weather Sol burner with the high capacity Sumo Co
SUMO-TI SALE: $160.41 each
Jetboil Group Cooking System (GCS) Orange Color
2013-02-10 15:46
Expand your dining options with our chow-friendly 1.5 liter system. Jetboil’s Group Cooking System (GCS) brings versatility to fast, efficient outdo
GCS SALE: $101.31 each
Jetboil Helios Gray Color
2013-02-10 15:46
High performance meets high capacity. Mobilize your party with Jetboil's latest system.Incorporating the same FluxRing® technology that launched the
HEL200 SALE: $126.64 each
Jetboil Helios Guide Gray Color
2013-02-10 15:46
Incorporating the same FluxRing® technology that launched the award-winning, best-selling PCS, Jetboil has scaled up and combined the PCS' benefits w
HEL300 SALE: $168.86 each
Jetboil Personal Cooking System (PCS) Black Color
2013-02-10 15:46
Our ultracompact 1 liter unit is ideal for dehydrated meals, coffee or tea on the go, remote worksites, and emergency kits. Travel light and prep easy
PCS SALE: $84.42 each
Humangear Gocup Travel Cup
2014-06-05 11:50
Product Details Say good-bye to the leaky telescoping travel cup! The GoCup is made from FDA food-grade silicone, for a collapsing cup that is
REDP-HG-GOCUP SALE: $9.99 each
Byer of Maine TriLite Wash Station
2014-06-14 17:24
The TriLite Stool and Wash Station is a 2-in-1 combination unlike any other. Including a full 27-inch seat just like our popular heavy-duty extra-larg
REDP-BM-BYWASH SALE: $37.14 each
Counter Assault Bear Keg
2014-10-16 13:50
This Bear Resistant Food Container protects your food and the bears. Mandatory in many National Parks in the United States and Canada. Large, 3- US ga
REDP-CA-CAKEG SALE: $67.54 If Qty 3+
Counter Assault Bear Keg Carry Pack
2014-10-16 13:53
This Bear Resistant Food Container protects your food and the bears. Mandatory in many National Parks in the United States and Canada. Large, 3- US ga
REDP-CA-CACP SALE: $21.10 each
Primus ClassicTrail
2015-04-25 12:59
Simple, Durable, Classic. ClassicTrail is a simple, durable and classic outdoor stove for those who wish to enjoy good food in the great outdoors. A
Primus Express Stove
2015-04-25 13:09
Sturdy and Lightweight Express StoveTM has a unique combination of low weight and durability. Despite its low weight, it is perfect for very big pots
Primus Eta Express
2015-04-25 13:16
Small, Light, and Minimal Fuel Consumption for Solo Trips The new Eta ExpressTM now has an even more effective windscreen that simply clicks onto the
REDP-PETAEX2 SALE: $94.56 each
Primus Micron Lantern
2015-04-25 13:21
A Brighter Future The Micron Lantern is a compact, lightweight and durable lantern that provides light and warmth when you need small dimensions, low
REDP-PMICRON SALE: $42.21 each
Primus LiTech Super Set
2015-04-26 07:06
Lightweight Cooking Set Lightweight cooking set made of hard-anodized aluminum. The set consists of two pots (with a multilayer non-stick surface on
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