Eotech Model XPS2 Holographic Weapon Sights
2017-04-06 21:46
The XPS2 is the shortest, smallest and lightest EOTech model holographic weapon sight available without night vision. Its size and weight make it conv
Eotech Model EXPS2 Holographic Weapon Sight
2017-04-10 08:11
he EXPS2 offers true 2-eyes-open shooting and provides an unparalleled targeting experience. The all-purpose EXPS2 features easy-to-adjust side button
Eotech Model 552 Holographic Weapon Sight
2017-04-10 08:26
Are you a sportsman interested in hunting with night vision? Give the 552 another look. The 552 is EOTech's most affordable night vision-compatible si
Eotech Model XPS3 Holographic Weapon Sight
2017-04-10 08:36
The XPS3 is smaller and lighter than all other holographic weapon sights but just as fast. Law enforcement officers and hunters appreciate the light w
Eotech Model EXPS3 Holographic Weapon Sight
2017-04-10 08:43
The “E” is for “Extreme.” The EXPS3 offers true 2-eyes-open shooting and a 7 mm raised base that still allows for iron sight access. It featur
Eotech Model 518 Holographic Weapon Sight
2017-04-10 08:53
The best just got better. The 518 runs on easy to find AA batteries but offers all of the features found in EOTech’s EXPS top of the line sigh
Eotech Model 558 Holographic Weapon Sight
2017-04-10 08:58
Perfect for anyone that doesn't like to sacrifice. The 558 is compatible with Gen-I-III night vision devices and features an adjustable, locking quick
Eotech Model 300 Blackout Holographic Weapon Sight
2017-04-10 09:04
Designed with tactical shooters in mind, the XPS2-300 offers a 2-dot ballistic drop reticle that allows the shooter to zero either subsonic or superso
Eotech Holographic Hybrid Sight I EXPS3-4 with G33.STS Magnifier
2017-04-10 09:10
The Holographic Hybrid Sight I (HHS I) features an EXPS3-4 with a G33.STS magnifier. It has great utility for any shooter, whose target ranges vary fr
Eotech Holographic Hybrid Sight II EXPS2-2 with G33.STS Magnifier
2017-04-10 09:14
The Holographic Hybrid Sight II (HHS II) has an EXPS2-2 with a G33.STS magnifier. Regardless of the scenario, it provides an unparalleled advantage wh
Eotech Holographic Hybrid Sight III 518.2 with G33.STS Magnifier
2017-04-10 09:19
The HHS III is extremely versatile. It offers extremely quick close quarter targeting with the magnifier switched away but can instantly transition to
Eotech Model 512 XBOW Holographic Weapon Sight
2017-04-10 09:24
Model 512. XBOW was designed with the crossbow hunter in mind. The XBOW utilizes the unique properties of holography to create optimal range scaling d
Eotech Model G33 Magnifier Holographic Weapon Sight
2017-04-10 09:28
The new G33.STS magnifier is shorter and lighter than previous models. The improved mount provides faster transitioning from 3X to 1X. The G33 offers
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