Wiley X Echo HX Eyewear

Brand: Wiley X Protective EyewearWiley X Protective Eyewear


SALE PRICE: $89.99 each
Lens / Frame
  • Features Wiley X patented removable facial cavity seal technology
  • Asket blocks out wind, light, dust, and debris for a secure fit at high speeds and protection from hazards
  • Shatterproof lenses block 100% of UV rays
  • Certified to Ansi Z87.1-2003 high impact and optical performance standard
  • Rated as Osha Rade occupational protective eyewear

Wiley X Arrow HX (High Velocity Protection RX / Prescription Lens Ready)

Wiley X is an industry leader in manufacturing safety eye protection. Your new pair of Comfortable Tactical oriented ballistic rated eyewear awaits you.

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