Gerber Gator Machete w/ Nylon Sheath

Brand: GerberGerber

SKU: 31-000758

SALE PRICE: $26.99 each

This dual purpose machete solves two obstacles: chopping and sawing. Successful at both, the 18 inch blade features a full performance saw on one side, a 15 inch fine edge blade on the other. With a Gator Grip handle to keep it secure, it is ready for anything.

The Gator Machete has a 15-inch fine-edge blade on one side and an 18-inch high performance saw blade on the other. It’s forged of high-carbon stainless steel. The handle is covered with a Gator grip rubberized handle for comfort and control. It comes sheathed in a nylon case for secure carry. Made for use in the wilderness, as well as the backyard, it’s a dual-purpose, lightweight machete for beating back the underbrush and trailblazing.


  • Blade Steel: High Carbon steel
  • Blade Length: 18"
  • Handle Material: Gator Grip overmold
  • Sheath Material: Nylon
  • Overall Length: 25.7"
  • Weight: 18 oz

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