Gerber Myth Spotlight

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SALE PRICE: $96.99 each

Developed for low-light hunting needs, this compact tool features a powerful 650 lumen light that can be used to track, flush, or simply highlight game location. Mounted on belt, on pack, or in hand this two mode light (650/90 lm) has you covered with red and green lenses.

The best hunting conditions occur around dawn and dusk and, for some predators like coyotes, during the night hours. Working with experienced hunters to guide its features, Gerber developed the Myth Spotlight for low-light hunting needs. This powerful 600-lumen light can be used to track, flush or simply highlight game location. The compact and rechargeable system is easy to use and ready for hunting waterfowl and nighttime predators.

Don’t let this light’s compact size fool you; it delivers 600 lumens of bright light at the pull of a trigger. Understanding that every hunting season has different lighting demands, Gerber gave this light a variety of mounting and carry options. There’s a basic handheld operation for tracking and identification, plus a standard belt clip to keep it within easy reach on your waist or your pack. For more stable mounting, there’s a standard 1/4-20 UNC thread on both sides of the housing for tripod and boat-mounted use.


Rechargeable batteries are more reliable than ever and, quite literally, will save you hundreds of dollars in battery costs over the course of years. The Myth Spotlight features rechargeable lithium ion batteries that offer impressive burn times, are lightweight and are free of memory effect. The system includes both AC and DC adapters for charging at home or in your vehicle while on the road and away from traditional outlets.


Bright and sudden lighting easily startles most game animals. The included red and green lens covers offer light spectrums that are less apt to send your prey running yet still offer enough light for you to pull the trigger.


You won’t always need a full 600 lumens, so the light includes a less intense 100-lumen mode. The lithium ion batteries deliver a full 2 hours of burn time at 600 lumens and an impressive 10 hours at 100 lumens.


  • LED lighting technology
  • Lithium ion rechargeable battery pack (included)
  • LED Output: 600 lumens, 2 hours (high); 100 lumens, 10 hours (low)
  • Overall Length: 5" (12.7 cm)
  • Weight: 20 oz. (567 g)
  • Material: Nylon body with rubber overmold

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