Sterling Rope 9mm HTP

Brand: Sterling RopeSterling Rope

SKU: REDP-SR-9mm-HTP_4613_6227

SALE PRICE: $132.99 each
Length (Feet)

100% polyester static kernmantle construction that is lightweight and offers super low-elongation.

Hydrophobic, making it a great choice for working around water 

Ideal for lightweight fixing, anchors, and taglines

Great for caving, rock, and rescue teams

Note: tracer colors are subject to change.

Additional Information

A CE0120 certified product Yes
A NFPA1983,2012 certified product Yes
Elongation at 10% MBS 2.6%
Elongation at 300 lbs 1.6%
MBS lbs (kN) 5,170 (23)
Safe Working Load 519 lbs
Weight (lbs/100') 4.2