Sterling Rope 10.5mm SafetyPro

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Length (Feet)

A technical work and rescue line, manufactured to meet the EN standards, the 10.5mm SafetyPro has excellent abrasion resistance and is the perfect option for rappel and backup lines.

100% nylon low stretch kernmantle

 Alternative for a top-rope line for climbing gyms

Great for SAR teams, fire departments, SRT teams and military

Note: tracer colors are subject to change.

Additional Information

Diameter 10.5mm
Elongation 50 kg to 150 kg 3.5%
EN 1891 Type A
Impact [email protected] factor 0.35.5kN
NFPA_1983, 2006 certified N/A
Number of factor 1 falls >5
Sheath percentage 46.6%
Sheath slippage 0.8%
Shrinkage in water 2.5%
Static strength 27.2 Kn
Static Strength with figure 8 knot 18.8 Kn
Weight per meter 70.4 g/M