Forensics Source Handbagz, Pair

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HandBagz™ were developed to protect the integrity of evidence that may be present on the hands of persons associated with a crime. Up till now, technicians have utilized paper bags secured with evidence tape or rubber bands to cover the hands of assault victims, suspects or corpses. Paper bags are easily torn or can fall apart when exposed to inclement weather or condensation and/or body fluids from corpses while in storage lockers at the local morgue. CSis and SANE professionals can use this one-size-fits-all product to protect trace, DNA and GSR evidence that may be present on the hands of suspects or victims. Coroners and Medical Examiners can use HandBagz on the hands of the deceased to preserve evidence and prevent contamination.

HandBagz are constructed from bio-medical absorbent materials. The bags have a plastic film outer barrier to prevent the absorption of outside liquids and the leaking of liquids from the inside. Each bag has a stretch wrap to make securing the bag to the arm a one-man operation. The outside of the bag can be marked with a permanent marker to designate hand, evidence and case information.

Bags measure: 7.5” x 13” with a 13” stretchable fabric securing strap.

HandBagz are sold in pairs.

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