Forensics Source ProScope HR2 CSI Lab Kit

Forensics Source ProScope HR2 CSI Lab Kit
Brand: Forensics SourceForensics Source

SKU: KR-FS-1090737

SALE: $1,117.19 each

The ProScope HR2 is an affordable USB handheld digital microscope designed for both PC and Mac platforms. With a high-quality, 2.0 Megapixel CCD, a built-in LED illumination and a universal lens mount, the ProScope HR2 is a powerful imaging tool for education, lab, forensics, dermatology, archeology, art, quality control and inspection. The ProScope HR2 connects to the USB port of computers and laptops allowing taking this digital microscopy tool from the lab to anywhere in the field for instant imaging and documentation. The full range of accessories including lenses (from 1x -400x), CCD adapter and microscope tube adapter creates a versatile microscopy imaging system which can be deployed practically anywhere for virtually unlimited applications. The ProScope HR2 is surprisingly easy to use: one-button image capture for digital still images, time lapse recording or video’s, all stored on your computer or laptop.

Focusing - Fetures an adjustable lens cone designed for touch-view focusing. This will steady the handheld ProScope HR2 for improved image quality.

ProScope Precision Stand - The ProScope stand will steadily hold the ProScope HR2 in a wide variety of positions, perfect for forensics and laboratory applications when working at high magnifications.

Illumination - The ProScope HR2 has a variable intensity control for the fully integrated bright white LED’s for illumination, delivering crisp and clear imaging.

Power Requirements - The ProScope HR2 is powered over the USB
Bus and requires only 400mA. No additional power is required.

ProScope HR2 CSI Lab Kit Includes:

  • ProScope HR2
  • 0-10x Lens
  • 50x Lens
  • 200x Lens
  • Flexible Stand
  • C-Mount Adapter
  • Lens Tube Adapter
  • Carrying Case
  • ProScope HR software CD

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