Forensics Source Wide-Field Magnifie

Brand: Forensics SourceForensics Source

SKU: KR-FS-1005833-5-1100

SALE PRICE: $244.79 each

This magnifier was rated second overall in the independent study by the Science & Practices Committee. It was rated highest in field-of-view and viewing distance comfort. The thumbscrew allows the lens housing to move up and down the shaft to focus perfectly for your eyes. The base, shaft and lens housing are metal. The view is clear and focused across the entire distortion-free, flat-field lens. 3x magnification allows for comfortable viewing and the wide 6.2cm (27/16") diameter opening at the base allows for easy insertion of a ridge counter. An optional threaded crosshair reticle discs also available for this magnifier.

  • Highest quality field-of-view and viewing distance comfort on the market
  • 3X magnification with a 2-7/16" diameter opening at base
  • Sturdy metal construction