Limbsaver Proton LS3 Compound Bow

Brand: LimbSaver Recoil Buttstock PadsLimbSaver Recoil Buttstock Pads

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Camo Pattern
Draw Length

The All New SigmaCam
For 2016, we are introducing the pinnacle of operational enhancements, our all-new SigmaCam. Many hours of R&D and countless hours of field testing and abusing these new cams have payed off. Our new SigmaCam is the best cam we have ever produced, and the finest and most forgiving cam we have ever tested. Our SigmaCams provide the smoothest draw, extra-generous valley, and rock-solid back wall that hunters and sportsmen have been looking for in a bow, while our proprietary Dual Track system virtually eliminates cam lean and wobble.

Dual Track Hybrid System
Our proprietary Dual Track Hybrid System applies equal cable load to both sides of the bottom cam for a perfectly draw with no cam lean. With the string track in the center of the bow cable, torque is eliminated, resulting in a straight-shooting bow. Eliminating cam lean and cam wobble results in higher efficiency and greater accuracy, with more energy transferred to the arrow.


7-Position Posi-Lock System
The Posi-Lock Poundage Adjustment System is the most precise poundage adjustment system available. It is accurate and stable. This system incorporates compression-mounted limb bolts for zero side lash. The Proton limb attachment geometry allows for draw poundage adjustment without affecting bow-tuning parameters, and allows the shooter to change the poundage in the field without completely re-tuning the bow.



I decided to enter an indoor 3D archery competition. I’m a dedicated bow hunter who dials in my bow with precision, and who practices diligently for accuracy. However, I had never entered a 3D competition. I show up at the event with my Proton LS3. Nearly every other competitor had shot 3D before, and most were using Hoyt bows. During the competition, it became evident that I was doing well. One of the other archers said he’d never seen a LimbSaver bow before and asked about it. In the end, when the scores were totaled, I won first place. My score was 416, second place was a distant 400. It was remarkable enough that a first-time shooter won the competition, more so that I did it with the only Proton in the group! I’ll be taking my Proton LS3 to other 3D shoots in the future!
– Kris Kobach, Incumbent Secretary of State of Kansas


With this bow, I’ve harvested three P&Y mule deer with three arrows. The Proton and all of my LS accessories on it give me the confidence to feel like an absolute predator in the field. I’ve never had more confidence in my self and my equipment than I’ve had with me LS Proton.
– Dan Dye, LimbSaver Pro Staff

Allie Blazek Kudu July 2015

My daughter Allie and I brought our Limbsaver Protons to South Africa in July for a plains game hunt with Watts Trophy Hunting Safaris. Shooting at 55 lbs, Allie had pass throughs on all but her wildebeest, where her broadhead embedded in the opposite shoulder. All were one arrow and down! Our Professional Hunter G (Gerard) Watts was so impressed with the fast, quiet, accurate, flat-shooting Proton we’re fixing him up with one of his own! Many Thanks!
– Steve Blazek, Proton User, United States

2015 Quebec bear

Thank you so much for the awesome Limbsaver bow that I used on the MRA bear hunt this past June. It was a great hunt, and the Limbsaver bow performed exceptionally well (clean pass-through, double lung shot).
– Kris Kobach, Incumbent Secretary of State of Kansas


I’ve always used Limbsaver vibration dampening products and when the Proton became available in the United Kingdom, I thought I’d take a chance and buy one. I thought “Hey if anyone can make a silent, low vibration bow… LimbSaver can!” Well I was truly blown away, the Proton is the quietest bow I’ve ever shot and I’m still loving it! I shoot my Proton fingers instinctive. A little different I know, but it works!
– Martin Rees, Proton User, United Kingdom

Proton LS3 Specs

Cam: SigmaCam
Weights:40 – 50 – 60 – 70 lbs.
Mass Weight: 4.2 lbs.
Draw:25.5″ – 30.5″
Axle to Axle: 32″
Brace Height: 7″
Let-Off: 75%
IBO Speed: up to 330-335 fps