First Tactical Sidewinder Safety Knife

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Size: 1sz

Safety On Hand

Product Details

The Sidewinder Safety Knife Is The Perfect Tool For Any Public Safety Professional And The Ultimate Addition To An Emergency Medical Kit. First Tactical Thumb Bridge Technology™ Aids Users In Deploying The Knife With Both Gloved And Ungloved Hands. A Web Cutter Allows Users To Move Quickly When Cutting Webbing Or Cloth Without Injuring Their Patient. The Knife Boasts Additional Features Including An Oxygen Key, Window Break Tool, And Tpu Handle For Enhanced Grip.


Blade: Aus8 Steel 3.2mmt Black Oxide

Blade Type: Modified Sheep's Foot

Webbing Cutter: Aus8 1.7mmt Black Oxide

Handle: Frn

Blade Length: 3.52in / 89.4mm

Blade Thickness: 0.75in / 19.1mm

Blade Thickness: 0.75in / 19.1mm

Liner Thickness: 0.61in / 15.5mm

Handle Thickness: 1.25in / 31.8mm

Open Length: 8.48in / 215.4mm

Closed Length: 4.96in / 126.1mm

Weight: 5.43 Oz

Innovative Features

Thumb Bridge Technology™

Specialized Thumb Bridge Technology™ Provides The Gloved Or Ungloved Hand Ease Of Opening In All Conditions With Added Steadiness And Skillful Control Of Your Blade. While Open, The Thumb Bridge™ And Blade Choils Allow You To Choke Up On The Knife For Fine Cutting And Knife Work.

Webbing Cutter

Speed And Precision Are Important In Emergency Medical Situations; The Sidewinder Safety Knife Features A Concave Web Cutting Tool Designed To Quickly Sever Cloth Without Risking Injury To Your Patient.

Everything You Need

In Addition To The Web Cutter The Sidewinder Range Knife Features An Oxygen Key And Window Break Tool Enabling It To Be A Vital Tool For Public Safety Professional When Arriving On A Scene.


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