Mitee-Bite Loc-Down System

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Loc-Down® System

The Mitee-Bite Loc-Down® System was designed to be a programmer’s and operator’s dream for quickly and easily securing small to large aerospace parts. Its compact design allows for tighter pattern on grid plates compared to other options in the marketplace saving material cost on expensive aerospace alloys.

The Loc-Down® generates high holding force and provides low profile “out of the way” clamping allowing programmers to be very creative. Permits aggressive machining wihtout tooling interference or apply forces that would influence part, intended to streamline production for the Aerospace Industry.

  • Ideal for grid plates, tombstones and custom applications
  • 100% Heat Treated Stainless Steel
Part No. DescriptionSize
11500   Loc-Down® 1/2-13
11550   Loc-Down® Quick Change Kit* 1/2-13
11612   Loc-Down® M12
11650   Loc-Down® Quick Change Kit* M12
11530   Carbide Cutter  
11535   Loc-Down® Insertion Tool  
11520   Heavy Wall Loc-Down® Bushing  

*Kit includes 4 Loc-Downs, 4 custom bushings, insertion tool, 
4 liners, 1 diamond and tapered pin with mounting screws.


11520 NEW Heavy Wall Lock-Down Bushing

Loc-Down Kit with chip caps
We have combined our Loc-Down®, custom Bushings
and Locating Pins and Liners in a convenient kit (that
delivers a low-cost high precision quick change pallet
system with a repeatability of .0004″/0.01mm or better!

† – NEW Loc-Down® sizes available soon!

Maximum Torque* Chart

Loc-Down® Bushing 15 (20.3)
Aluminum/Brass 15 (20.3)
Mild Steel/Stainless 20 (27)
Hard Metals >45 Rc 15 (20.3)

*Hand tightening for majority of applications
is sufficient

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