HME Scent Slammer Bag w/ Ozone

Brand: HME - Hunting Made EasyHME - Hunting Made Easy


SALE PRICE: $199.99 each

  • Includes Ozone order eliminator
  • Eliminates odor on clothing & gear
  • Kills bacteria, and virus and is 100% chemical-free, leaving no scent or residue
  • Variable cycle setting
  • 1-40 minutes active ozone cycle
  • 40-360 minute resting cycle
  • Ozone output 250mg/h
  • AC & Car adapter included
  • Large Duffle for high capacity odor elimination.
  • Wide full top opening for easy access
  • Side zipper pouch
  • Velcro webbing for ID / Morale patches.
  • Reinforced corners & bottom for durability
  • Shoulder strap included

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