Latent Print Backing Cards, 3" x 5"
2014-08-20 02:27
Attach latent prints on the glossy side of our backing cards. The opposite side is non-glossy. Features pre-printed information for case informatio
KR-FS-1004077-1-2501 SALE: $10.79 each
Forensics Source Blue Squirrel No. 8 Brush
2014-08-20 02:42
Featuring more hair and a wider head than the Continental Squirrel Hair Brush, this long-handled brush uses only a select grade of fine squirrel hairs
KR-FS-1003851-1-0026 SALE: $17.99 each
Forensics Source Feather Duster
2014-08-20 21:22
These fluffy Marabou feather dusters are ideal for large areas, and are highly recommended for use with our Fluorescent Powders. Available in white, b
KR-FS-1004008-1-1031 SALE: $13.19 each
Forensics Source Mega Magnetic Wand
2014-08-20 21:34
This magnetic fingerprint powder applicator is designed for use with magnetic powder. The powder willform a cluster at the end of the applicator, and
KR-FS-1163502 SALE: $56.39 each
Forensics Source Red Wand Magnetic Applicator
2014-08-20 21:53
This magnetic applicator is an alternative to larger applicators. Roughly the size of a pen or pencil. Small and lightweight Economical alternativ
KR-FS-1003941-1-0150 SALE: $23.99 each
Forensics Source The Breeze Single-Use Disposable Fiberglass Brush
2014-08-20 22:40
The Breeze™ Fiberglass Brush is a single-use, disposable latent print brush designed for use at crime scenes when cross-contamination is top concern
KR-FS-1003989-1-0300 SALE: $4.79 each
Forensics Source Zephyr Fiberglass Fingerprint Brush
2014-08-20 22:44
The Zephyr® Brush is the finest brush ever developed for use in fingerprint work. Has a long life Capacity to pick up and retain large amounts of
KR-FS-1003982-1-0200 SALE: $13.19 each
Forensics Source Aluminum Weighing Dishes, Pack of 100
2014-08-21 01:49
Accelerate the cyanoacrylate fuming process by placing a hot plate and aluminum dish inside the fuming chamber. Place five to ten drops of liquid glue
KR-FS-1004140-1-4505 SALE: $13.19 each
Forensics Source CA Remover, 32 oz.
2014-08-21 01:55
This non-flammable formula can be used to clean cyanoacrylate (CA) residues from glass, metal and Plexiglas® or acrylic surfaces. Simply apply the so
KR-FS-1004147-1-4663 SALE: $86.39 each
Forensics Source Liquid Glue, 1 oz.
2014-08-21 01:59
This generic-brand liquid glue is an economical alternative to our Hard Evidence™ Liquid Glue and an excellent alternative when doing large amounts
KR-FS-1007361-LL-0002 SALE: $7.19 each
Forensics Source "The Hulk" Large Glue Cartridge
2014-08-21 02:04
The large “Hulk” cartridge emits fumes for one continuous hour or for ten 5-minute “burn” cycles. Adjustable burn cycles
KR-FS-1004219-1-6062 SALE: $16.79 each
Forensics Source Plain Glue Cartridges, Pack of 10
2014-08-21 02:08
This pack of cyanoacrylate glue cartridges are for use with the Fume-a-Wand cyanoacrylate fuming wand.
KR-FS-1004218-1-6060 SALE: $47.99 each
Forensics Source Fume-a-Wand Cyanoacrylate Fuming Kit w/ Butane
2014-08-21 02:12
Designed to simplify the cyanoacrylate fuming process, the Fume-a-Wand allows fumes to be directed onto any surface. Simply remove the safety cap, pla
KR-FS-1091244-1-6005A SALE: $165.59 each
Forensics Source Liquid Glue Hot Plate
2014-08-21 02:16
The hot plate features a large 7.6cm (3") diameter heating surface and the hot plate measures 11.4cm x 11.4cm x 1.3cm (41/2" x 41/2" x 1/2") and fits
KR-FS-1004141-1-4510 SALE: $28.79 each
Forensics Source 1,2 Indanedione Powder
2014-08-21 02:34
Used primarily on paper surfaces as an alternative to DFO, 1/2-Indanedione is a fluorescent latent print dye that is visualized at 520nm with filtrati
KR-FS-1004121-1-2788 SALE: $301.19 each
Forensics Source Ninhydrin Aerosol Spray, 6 oz.
2014-08-21 02:44
This is an aerosol formulation of Ninhydrin. Simply spray NIN-Print on the evidence you wish to process and allow it to air dry in a fume hood or unde
KR-FS-1006456-B-785 SALE: $22.79 each
Forensics Source Ninhydrin Crystals
2014-08-21 02:51
Ninhydrin is one of the easiest and most effective methods for developing latent prints on paper. Many latent print examiners use Ninhydrin exclusivel
KR-FS-1004084-1-2715 SALE: $50.39 each
Forensics Source Ninhydrin Pump Spray, Methanol-Based, 8 oz.
2014-08-21 02:54
This pre-mixed Ninhydrin solution comes in a convenient pump spray bottle. The methanol-based mixture requires an additional surcharge to ship by air.
KR-FS-1004082-1-2701 SALE: $43.19 each
Forensics Source 3M Novec Engineered Fluid HFE-7100, Gallon
2014-08-21 02:59
Designed by 3M as a laboratory substitute for Freon (CFC-113), 3M Novec Engineered Fluid HFE-7100 is used as a carrier in a number of different latent
KR-FS-1004086-1-2720 SALE: $467.99 each
Forensics Source 3M Novec Engineered Fluid HFE-71DE, Gallon
2014-08-21 03:06
3M Novec Engineered Fluid HFE-71DE is used in conjunction with HFE-7100 in several alternative latent print development formulations, including formul
KR-FS-1004130-1-2820 SALE: $380.39 each
Forensics Source Photo-Flo, 16 oz.
2014-08-21 03:10
Kodak Photo-Flo 16 Oz.
KR-FS-1004091-1-2727 SALE: $22.79 each
Forensics Source Ardrox, 1 Quart
2014-08-21 03:17
Ardrox is a fluorescent liquid dye, which works well with lasers, forensic light sources and UV lamps. While Ardrox-developed prints fluoresce under 3
KR-FS-1003866-1-0048 SALE: $35.99 each
Forensics Source Basic Red 28, 10g
2014-08-21 03:27
Basic Red 28 is a fluorescent latent print dye used to stain cyanoacrylate developed latent prints. It can be used alone or mixed with Basic Yellow 40
KR-FS-1003884-1-0075 SALE: $15.59 each
Forensics Source Basic Yellow 40, 25g
2014-08-21 03:30
Basic Yellow 40 (Maxilon Flavine 10GFF) is a highly fluorescent dye stain which stains cyanoacrylate-developed latent prints. When illuminated with an
KR-FS-1003864-1-0044 SALE: $13.19 each
Forensics Source Basic Yellow 40, Pre-Mixed, 16 oz.
2014-08-21 03:35
Our pre-mixed Basic Yellow 40 contains no harmful solvents, gives off no irritating fumes and is non-flammable. It can be used after cyanoacrylate fum
KR-FS-1003863-1-0042 SALE: $49.19 each
Forensics Source CyanoBlue, 16 oz.
2014-08-21 03:39
CyanoBlue is a non-flammable, water-based cyanoacrylate dye which bonds rapidly to cyanoacrylate fumed latent prints, providing a highly bright fluore
KR-FS-1003867-1-0049 SALE: $35.99 each
Forensics Source Rhodamine 6G, 25g
2014-08-21 03:43
Rhodamine 6G is one of the best laser or forensic light source dyes available on the market. It is inexpensive, safe to use and a little goes a lon
KR-FS-1003862-1-0040 SALE: $59.99 each
Forensics Source Physical Developer
2014-08-21 04:02
This silver-based liquid reagent reacts with lipids, fats, oils and waxes present in fingerprint residue. The shelf life of the unmixed solution is
KR-FS-1004092-1-2729A SALE: $82.79 each
Forensics Source Sticky-Side Powder Kit
2014-08-21 04:12
The kit includes everything needed to mix and apply Sticky-side powder: One 50g (1.8oz.) jar of Sticky-Side Powder, one pint of Kodak Photo-Flo 200, a
KR-FS-1004088-1-2723 SALE: $129.59 each
Forensics Source Sticky-Side Powder, 50g
2014-08-21 05:47
Sticky-Side Powder, 50g (1.8oz.) for use with the Sticky-Side Powder Kit P/N 1/2723
KR-FS-1004087-1-2722 SALE: $44.39 each
Forensics Source Wetwop
2014-08-21 05:54
Wetwop™ is a pre-mixed liquid that produces excellent friction ridge detail when used to develop prints on any adhesive surface, such as masking, du
KR-FS-1003987-1-0272 SALE: $34.79 each
Forensics Source Amido Black, 25g
2014-08-21 07:14
This powdered protein dye, sensitive to the properties in blood can be used to enhance or develop visible and non-visible blood-contaminated latent pr
KR-FS-1003865-1-0046 SALE: $43.19 each
Forensics Source Aqueous Amido Black
2014-08-21 07:22
This pre-mixed amido black solution also enhances or develops blood-contaminated latents. Safer to use Does not require presoaking like standard A
KR-FS-1004098-1-2740 SALE: $141.59 each
Forensics Source Aqueous Leucocrystal Violet, Pint
2014-08-21 07:26
Used to enhance and develop latent prints stained with blood on porous and nonporous surfaces. While this solution is an indicator for blood, it may r
KR-FS-1004096-1-2736 SALE: $52.79 each
Forensics Source Sudan Black, 30g
2014-08-21 07:30
Sudan Black is one of the best processes for smooth or rough non-porous surfaces contaminated with greasy or sticky substances. Works best on glass, m
KR-FS-1003858-1-0033 SALE: $63.59 each
Forensics Source Crystal Violet, 25g
2014-08-21 07:34
Crystal Violet develops prints by soaking them: Mix the powder in water, soak the tape in the solution and rinse with running tap water. Indefinite
KR-FS-1004089-1-2725 SALE: $10.79 each
Forensics Source TapeGlo, 500ml
2014-08-21 07:38
TapeGlo™ is a fluorescent dye. Simply pour TapeGlo™ into a dipping tray or spray on the adhesive surface. TapeGlo™ fluoresces best when viewed b
KR-FS-1004023-1-1411 SALE: $43.19 each
Forensics Source SPR Spray
2014-08-21 07:42
Pre-mixed in non-aerosol bottles with pump sprayers, this SPR solution is ready for use out of the box. Available in black or white. Use Black SPR on
KR-FS-1004107-1-2766 SALE: $53.99 each
Forensics Source Lightning Powder Supranano
2014-08-21 07:59
Forensics Source is proud to partner with ARRO Forensics in bringing the most exciting and innovative new technology in latent print processing and in
KR-FS-1168416-1-0501 SALE: $10.79 each
Forensics Source Basic Latent Print Kit
2014-08-21 09:51
The latent print brush is stored in a protective tube and held by a clip inside the lid. The tape and Bi-Chromatic™ fingerprint powder are held in a
KR-FS-1003903-1-0105 SALE: $38.39 each
Forensics Source Basic Latent Print Kit w/Camelhair Brush
2014-08-21 09:54
This basic latent print kit is packed in an oversized box, so there is room to add additional supplies. The latent print brush is stored in a protecti
KR-FS-1003905-1-0106 SALE: $51.59 each
Forensics Source Basic Magnetic Powder Kit
2014-08-21 09:57
Kit Box A, 21.3cm x 11.4cm x 4.3cm (83?8" x 41/2" x 111?16") Black Magnetic Powder, 84g (1oz.) Silver/Gray Magnetic Powder, 124g (1oz.) Magnetic Powde
KR-FS-1003918-1-0120 SALE: $40.79 each
Forensics Source Bi-Chromatic Camelhair Latent Print Kit
2014-08-21 10:00
Kit Box A, 26.4cm x 11.7cm x 4.3cm (10 3/8" x 4 5/8" x 11 1/16") Bi-Chromatic Powder, 29g (2oz.) Camelhair Dusting Brush Lifting Tape, 3.8cm x 9.1m (1
KR-FS-1003900-1-0100 SALE: $40.79 each
Forensics Source Classic Latent Print Kit
2014-08-21 10:09
Our most popular kits, these compact and rugged latent print kits, include nearly everything for dusting latent prints in the field. This compact case
KR-FS-1003936-1-0144 SALE: $217.19 each
Forensics Source CleanSearch Disposable Latent Print Kit
2014-08-21 10:12
A clean and affordable one-time-use solution to standard print dustingequipment, each kit arrives in a sealed box and includes everythingneeded to pro
KR-FS-1003999-1-0350 SALE: $19.19 each
Forensics Source Deluxe Latent Print Kit
2014-08-21 10:16
This kit contains everything you need for latent print dusting — two colors of fingerprint powder (Silver/Gray and Black), two colors of backing car
KR-FS-1003901-1-0102 SALE: $98.39 each
Forensics Source Latent Fingerprint Field Kit
2014-08-21 10:19
This compact case was designed for field use. This small kit fits well into the trunk of any vehicle. Black Fingerprint Powder, 34g (2oz.) White Finge
KR-FS-1003932-1-0135 SALE: $95.99 each
Forensics Source Magnetic/Regular Latent Print Kit w/ Camelhair Brush
2014-08-21 10:22
This kit contains both regular and magnetic dusting powders in wide-mouth jars. Both powders are Bi-Chromatic™, so you can dust either light -o
KR-FS-1003926-1-0130 SALE: $86.39 each
Forensics Source Magnetic/Regular Latent Print Kit w/ Zephyr Brush
2014-08-21 10:25
This kit contains both regular and magnetic dusting powders in wide-mouth jars. Both powders are Bi-Chromatic™, so you can dust either light- or dar
KR-FS-1003927-1-0131 SALE: $80.39 each
Forensics Source Handi-Lifts
2014-08-26 07:54
A convenient combination of lifting tape and backing card in one. Pull the pre-cut tape section and peel off the adhesive backer. Lift the latent prin
KR-FS-1004045-1-2057 SALE: $11.99 each
Forensics Source Latent Print Tape Squeegee, Pack of 10
2014-08-26 08:35
Squeegee is made of pliable plastic, measures 3”x 4”. Is used to assist technician putting down latent print tape either on surface to lift prints
KR-FS-1150916 SALE: $16.79 each
Forensics Source Lightning Gel Tape, 1.5" x 60"
2014-08-26 09:23
Lightning® Gel Tape is applied just like normal lifting tape. After application, press the gel tape down into the grooves of the surface. Lift the ta
KR-FS-1004131-1-3150 SALE: $22.79 each
Forensics Source Lightning Lift Pads
2014-08-26 09:28
Lightning Lifts Pads are clear pads of pre-cut latent print lifters. Just like lift tape, simply peel a fresh lifter from the pad when needed. Placing
KR-FS-1004070-1-2401 SALE: $4.79 each
Forensics Source Lightning Lifts
2014-08-26 09:39
Clear, pre-cut latent print lifters. Works just like a strip of lifting tape—after the lift, place together again or adhere to the appropriate size
KR-FS-1004039-1-2022 SALE: $27.59 each
Forensics Source LPC Lifting Tape in a Jar
2014-08-26 09:52
Designed to tear easily, our rolls of Lightning® Lifting Tape were created to meet the needs of latent print and crime scene technicians who fold and
KR-FS-1004016-1-1401 SALE: $7.19 each
Forensics Source Metal Latent Print Tape Dispenser
2014-08-26 10:40
Designed for use with Lightning® or Remco® lifting tapes, these dispensers will dispense tape easily without messy or lost tape edges. Made of st
KR-FS-1004074-1-2451 SALE: $10.79 each
Forensics Source Remco Latent Print Lifting Tape
2014-08-26 10:50
Remco® tapes are designed to be pliable for optimal latent print lifting, yet tear easily for those who like to fold and “snap-tear” their tape a
KR-FS-1004065-1-2149 SALE: $9.59 each
Forensics Source Rubber-Gelatin Lifters
2014-08-26 11:14
Especially for lifting latent prints and dust impressions, Rubber-Gelatin Lifters are high-quality elastic sheets of rubber with a low-adhesive gelati
KR-FS-1004054-1-2084 SALE: $23.99 each
Forensics Source 3M 480 Tape, 3" x 36 Yards
2014-08-27 07:39
Poly Tape is designed to be an extremely pliable lifting tape for use with curved surfaces. Will stretch and conform for lifts on difficult surface
KR-FS-1007380-M-3374 SALE: $89.99 each
Forensics Source Preval Disposable Sprayer Kit
2014-08-30 01:52
The Preval Spray Gun is a versatile spray applicator for all kinds of liquids. The sprayer is designed to spray an ultrafine mist, ideal for latent pr
KR-FS-1004109-1-2770 SALE: $11.99 each
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