Roadshark Electric Traffic Barricade Spike System

Brand: Roadshark - Vehicle Tire Spikes and Traffic BarricadesRoadshark - Vehicle Tire Spikes and Traffic Barricades

SKU: Roadshark-LPE

SALE PRICE: $1,560.00 each
Surface Mount Barrier End Cap
Electric Barricade Spike Section
Electric Barrier Controller
Low Profile or Surface Mount Installation

An inground compression barrier that is installed flush with the roadway. Heavy-duty motors extend the blades 4.5″inches ( 11.5 cm) above the road surface, however blade size is adjustable. Spring tension is also adjustable.

Our Low profile electric LPE model is installed in the roadway so that the barrier frame is flush with the roadway. The top of the Roadshark LP model coverplate rests 3/8 inch above the road surface which prevents rainwater from flowing into the Roadshark frame.

The main advantage of our Roadshark LPE model is that vehicles can travel over at speeds of 10 mph or more. Competitor’s products are rated for 5 mph or less. Surface mounted barriers are similar to speed bumps and require vehicles to slow down to 5 mph.

These barriers are 100% controlled electrically and can be used with remote controls or hard wired buttons and more!

Available in Low Profile or Surface Mount configurations

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