Lifeline Large Hard Shell Foam First Aid Kit 85 Pieces (25% OFF!)


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This Lifeline Large Hard Shell Foam First Aid Kit contains 85 first aid items making this kit very well stocked.

Housed in a hard shell foam case, this large first aid kit has the supplies to keep you secure.
The hard shell foam carry case also has a carabiner that is multi-useful.

The first aid kit includes:
1 first aid guide,
1 pair scissors,
1 tweezers,
2 vinyl gloves,
14 alcohol prep pads,
3 sting relief pads,
6 antiseptic towelettes,
20 3/8"x1 1/2" bandages,
10 3/4" x 3" bandages,
1 knuckle bandage,
2 knee/elbow bandages,
10 wound closure strips,
7 sterile gauze pads,
1 5"x9" combine dressing,
1 2" conforming gauze roll,
1 triangle bandage,
1 1/2" adhesive tape roll,
1 emergency whistle.

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