HSG MultiCam Black Neo Chest Rig

Brand: High Speed Gear HSGHigh Speed Gear HSG


SALE PRICE: $169.10 each

The Neo Chest Rig is a lightweight platform constructed of a laser-cut proprietary 1000D Cordura® laminate. In addition to the large main platform, it includes a removeable 8” x 8” bib with laser cut slots for pouches and a top-access Velcro® pocket. The removeable shoulder straps and belt are constructed with our celebrated neoprene padding, making this rig the most stable and comfortable on the market.

Key Features:

• Laser-cut 15.5” x 6.5” platform with 5 rows of 10 slots for attaching pouches (60 laser-cut slots)

• Bib with 5 rows of 5 slots for attaching pouches (30 laser-cut slots)

• Elastic keepers on all strap ends for retention and adjustable elastic

• Bib and main platform can also double as pockets for documents, size-appropriate soft armor or other items

17”L x 2”W x 16.5”H, 1.6lb
43.18cm x 5.08cm x 41.91cm, 725.75g

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