Eberlestock Kite

Brand: EberlestockEberlestock

SKU: EBERLESTOCK-F7_22291_22285

SALE PRICE: $288.99 each
Add: Hook Up Kit

Compressed Volume: 2200 c.i. 
Total (Expanded) Volume: 3000 c.i. 
Weight: 4 lbs 6 oz 
Weight w/o harness and hip belt: 3 lbs 
Dimensions main bag: 25”h x 12”w x 8”d

The Kite is a pack like no other. It acts as an ultralight stand-alone pack or compliments our F1 Mainframe and M1 Carrier Frame systems. The capacity to weight ratio of this pack is better than any of our other packs. This no-frills pack was designed for the minimalist backpacker/hunter.

Featuring a roll-top entrance that can expand the overall volume of the pack. Or use the full frontal zipper for complete front loading access. Use the ACHK or ACHQ Hookup Kits to hook into the loops on the pack and run with either the Carrier or Mainframe. These loops also line the interior of the pack making it possible to use the ACUP Utility Panel, or Hookup Kits inside as well as outside the pack to secure and organize gear. This will let you have a lightweight pack, with incredible meat packing abilities after your successful harvest. Inside the main compartment features a Nylex wall for attaching accessories. There are also dual hydration hooks, sleeves, and ports on each side.

This pack comes standard with a harness, hipbelt and the Gossamer frame. All of which can be removed to pair the pack with a frame system.


-Roll Top design for top loading access

- Full frontal zipper for front loading access

- Interior sleeves for dual hydration bladders

-Vertically adjustable shoulder harness system. Fits most torso lengths.

- Detachable harness and hipbelt for attachment to frame systems

- New MOLLE-10 webbing offers the ability to carry standard 3-row MOLLE accessories, with a 60%    weight savings over standard 25mm MOLLE matrixes.

- Waterproof zippers and roll top for peak water resistance.

-Constructed of Aramid fabric to be extremely lightweight and durable.

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