ODIN Ready Bag

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SALE PRICE: $98.99 each

ODIN Works introduces the new ODIN Ready Bag (ORB) featuring multiple pockets and pouches for mags, small gear, a clip for your keys, a water bladder pouch, and soft dividers inside to take down and pack your AR-15 while keeping parts safe and separated. For those builds with longer barrels, there is an extendable pouch at the top to ensure that any rifle will fit and be carried with ease. Whether you're going to the range, out on a hunting trip, or just hiking through the woods, packing your gear has never been easier!

ODIN Gear's New ORB (ODIN Ready Bag)!

Technical Specs

  • Quick release compression straps
  • 4 D-ring attachment points
  • Key clip
  • Loop and hook fasteners
  • MOLLE fasteners
  • Reinforced Handles
  • 2 water bottle pockets
  • Ambidextrous shoulder strap
  • Locking buckle
  • Dividing panels that separate an AR upper and lower
  • Water bladder pouch and hole for hose
  • Pocket extender: Can remain in bag as a pocket or extend up through the zipper to fit longer barrels
  • Available in black or coyote brown
  • Dimensions: 28"x7"x6"

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