Mitee-Bite Vacmagic VM100

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Vacmagic® VM100

The VM100 was primarily designed for grinding non-ferrous material on a magnetic chuck. During the early stages of R & D it was discovered the VM100 could be much more. Clamp the VM100 in vise to reduce set-up time, use as a pallet changer or mount to a grid plate or T-slot table.

The VM100 uses the same patented method as the VM300 to produce a vacuum strong enough for industrial applications but still operates on shop air! No need for vacuum pumps and coolant traps. We include everything necessary to get your VM100 running within minutes of opening the box.


  • Operates on 70–100 PSI shop air, eliminating vacuum pumps and coolant traps
  • Will accept the standard VM300 Vacuum pallet, increasing your vacuum platform to over 14” x 12” (360mm x 315mm)
  • Make your own vacuum fixtures – we can help with the design and produce the fixture for your custom application
  • Remove 12mm pins when grinding/machining thin material, use set screws to locate and aid in holding force


Item No.DescriptionABC
45325 Blank pallet 12.5″ (318mm) 5.875″ (150mm) 1.0″ (25mm)
45150 VM300 Vacuum Pallet 14.2″ (360mm) 12.4″ (315mm) 0.625″ (16mm)
45375 Base unit with all hardware 12.375″ (315mm) 5.5″ (140mm) 1″ (25mm)
45300 VM100 Kit, includes base unit and 2 blank pallets


Gasket Material

(for VM300 & VM100)

 Part No.Description(Inch) Diameter
BLACK 45111 by the foot .170*
  45115 by the foot .070
  451181 by the foot .125
  45119 by the foot .188
 WHITE 45114 by the foot .170*
  45116 by the foot .070
  45117 by the foot .125

BLACK – Excellent for long cycles and aggressive coolants
WHITE – Excellent for small parts, water-based coolants, or running dry.

*Replacement size for base units and vacuum pallets. Other sizes listed for custom-made pallets.

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