Kestrel 4500NV Horus ATrag Ballistics

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Kestrel Meter 4500NV Horus ATrag Ballistics
The Kestrel 4500 NV with Horus ATrag Ballistics combines Kestrel's flagship meter, the Kestrel 4500 with Night Vision, with Horus ATrag Ballistics software to bring you the first lightweight, hand-held tool to give you both comprehensive environmental data plus integrated aiming solutions. Kestrel Pocket Weather Meters and Horus Vision partnered to provide a powerful shooting tool that combines the critical environmental data and targeting software solutions required for precision shooting.

The Kestrel 4500 NV with Horus ATrag Ballistics allows you to load, customize and store multiple guns, rounds and targets. Target parameters include distance, angle, longitude, speed, direction and wind. Kestrel's highly accurate measuring and averaging of wind together with built-in digital compass for target bearing and wind direction assists in defining the target winds. The Kestrel 4500 NV with Horus ATrag Ballistics is available with Bluetooth technology, which allows you to communicate with your Kestrel wirelessly at a range of up to 30-feet, and maximize the battery life of your meter. Note: The Horus Ballistics support G1 ballistic coefficients only.

Pre-programmed Guns: This unit can be used with any combination of scope and reticle, here are several pre-programmed guns that come in each unit:

Gun New Gun 223-BlkHill 308-M24 308-Scout 300-Win 338LabBlkHI 50BMG-HSM
Muzzle Velocity 2900 2900 2600 2503 2900 2850 2905
Ballistic Coefficient 0.533 0.372 0.496 0.365 0.533 0.567 0.994
Bullet Weight (grains) 190 77 175 150 190 250 750
Bore Diameter (inches) 0.308 0.223 0.308 0.308 0.308 0.338 0.500
Zero Range (yds) 100 100 100 200 100 300 600
Bore Height (inches) 1.90 2.95 1.85 2.25 1.90 2.00 2.50
Rifling Twist (inches/revolution) 10.00 7.00 7.00 12.00 10.00 9.00 12.00
Rifling Twist Direction Right Right Right Right Right Right Right
Click 1/tmoa 1/tmoa 1/toma 1/tmoa 1/tmoa 1/tmoa 1/tmoa

*With the exception of New Gun, these can be removed/overwritten with the use of the Gun Loader software distributed by Horus Vision.

The Kestrel can measure in TMOA (true minute of angle), SMOA (shooter minute of angle), and MILs (milliradians).  The unit displays ballistic tables with data of the shot extending out to various distances (see Range Card on page 17 and 18 in the manual).  This Horus meter can provide ballistics solutions out to 4000 yards (or about 3700 meters).

What it does:
Provides guidance on where to aim the rifle for a very precise shot.

Here's how works:
In real simple terms, what you do with this unit. Remember, it combines the top of the line weather instrument with the Horus Ballistic software, thereby negating the need for a PDA... it's all in one.

While at home:
Enter your gun(s) data so it's in the unit. It can store up to 9 rifles at a time.
Use Google Earth to determine your Latitude of the place where you'll be shooting. Pretty easy if going to a range, and can be adjusted if you are out in the field. Enter this date for "Lat", in the Environment menu.
Calibrate the Kestrel compass
Be sure "Auto" is set to Yes in the Environment menu

When in the field preparing to shoot:
Select the Gun
Enter the Latitude (if you haven't done so already at home)

See the target:

  • View your range finder
  • Enter the range (meters or yards)
  • Enter the declination (this is typically provided by any laser range finder)
  • With Tgt highlighted, point the unit in the direction of the target, push center button.
  • Wind capture screen shows up, point the meter in the direction of the wind and push the center button (or allow it to run continuously for real-time updates to the firing solution.
  • Aim accordingly and FIRE!

The unit immediately will have told you how many clicks (or hairs) to adjust in your scope. IT'S THAT EASY, AND THAT FAST!

What effects the calculation?
Wind speed, wind direction, altitude, humidity, heat index, temperature, and pressure effect the density and viscosity of air. Even slight changes in these parameters can have a big impact down range.
It then takes into account the curvature of the earth, speed of earth's rotation, weight of your bullet, spin of your bullet, drop of the bullet based on distance and gravity.

It can take 2+ seconds for a bullet to reach its target. Not only must shooters correct for wind, they must aim higher to account for the 'drop' incurred by the force of gravity over the course of the flight of the bullet.

Other factors:
Gun specific Information

  • Zero Range (ZR, distance at which target is exactly in cross-hairs)
  • Bore Height (BH, center of barrel to center of scope)
  • Adjustment Clicks (click, the amount of adjustment of the scope in MOA or MILS, provided by single click of the adjustment knobs)
  • Rifling Twist (RT, distance/1 revolution of grooves in the barrel)
  • Rifling Twist Direction (RTd, direction of rotation)

Bullet specific Information

  • Muzzle Velocity (MV, speed at which bullet leaves the barrel)
  • Ballistic Coefficient (BC, drag coefficient of bullet)
  • Bullet Weight (BW, weight of bullet measured in grains)
  • Bullet Diameter (BD, diameter of the bullet)

Bluetooth, do you need it?
Because the unit is both the wind meter and ballistic software combined, it won't need to talk to anything else when used as a Horus unit in the field. Usually the answer to people is no, you don't need the BlueTooth. However, consider getting the BT if you are:

  • Changing out your guns frequently, as it is quicker and easier to use a computer, but not necessary.
  • Using the unit in just 4500 mode to communicate with other ballistic software you have.
  • Using the unit as a 4500 weather meter and want BT capability for logging data.

Horus software that comes with the 4500 Atrag Ballistics is the civilian version. The military version of the Horus ATrag Ballistics software is only available via special GSA contract to officials with the correct security clearance. The software that ships with the Kestrel 4500 Horus ATrag is version 4.61. It is possible to upgrade the firmware as new versions become available, however it will need to be returned for firmware updates. Version 3.0 is not upgradable. You can tell which version you have by just turning it on, you cannot tell from the outside of the meter.

Kestrel Meter 4500 Additional Information

  • Dimensions: 5.0 x 1.8 x 1.1 in. / 12.7 x 4.5 x 2.8 cm
  • Weight: 3.6 Ounces / 102 Grams
  • Place of Origin: USA

*We ship every Kestrel 4000 Series Meter exclusively with Made in the USA EnergizerĀ® Brand Ultimate Lithium AAA batteries for improved reliability, capacity, cold-weather performance and weight. We strongly recommend that you use only Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries in your Kestrel Meter. If you choose to install alkaline batteries, we recommend that you do NOT store your Kestrel with these batteries installed, and that you check your batteries for leakage and corrosion a minimum of every 30 days. Damage due to leaking alkaline batteries is not covered under warranty.

Kestrel Meter 4500NV Horus ATrag Ballistics Videos

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