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Do you have a website, blog, social media, vblog, youtube or reddit presence related to Military, Weapons, Tactical Equipment or Camping or Outdoor & Recreation Products?

If so join the Lockhart Tactical Affiliate program and earn up to 15% on every qualified buyer you send our way starting out! We have worked hard to optimize our site for high conversion, which translates to more money in your pocket. We offer a very generous tiered commission system to reward top affiliate performers, as well as a multitude of unique offerings in-order to help our affiliates proactively procure successful marketing and advertising campaigns for Lockhart Tactical.

Lockhart Tactical is a well known online Tactical Equipment manufacturer and retailer that distributes distinguished brands such as: MDT, Cadex Defence, Danner Boots, Original Swat, Altama, Accu-Tac Bipods, BT Accu-Shot Bipods, NLT Sirt Training Pistols, Santa Cruz Gunlocks and many more! We are located in British Columbia, Canada.

Program highlights:

  • Long Tracking Cookie
  • Average Order Value < $500.00+
  • High Organic & Direct conversion rate
  • Loyal Customer Based & Long-term Retention Strategies!
  • Special Affiliate Only Discounts for Storewide/Brands to increase your sales!
  • Commission Starts at 5%, higher commissions available for elite affiliates!
  • Wide variety of niche products, ranging from Outdoor & Recreation, Hiking, Camping and Tactical Equipment, including our Lockhart Tactical line of equipment.
  • Open PPC Advertising Policy

We encourage our affiliates to use multiple marketing mediums such as: content marketing, paid advertising, social media marketing and social media advertising.

Joining Instructions:
1) Register for an Account (Top RH Corner of Site. If you are already registered LOGIN and proceed to step 2)

2) Click on Account name in Top RH Corner. "Select My Profile"
3) Click Affiliate. Activate Your Account & Press APPLY

I'm Signed Up as an Affiliate, Now What?
Congratulations! Welcome to the program!

Use your custom affiliate ID tracking code in all your marketing. (Example ID: 33145)
At the end of all URLS, add "?LT=YOUR ID#"

1) Copy any of our URL's such as our very popular STATAS device www.LockhartTactical.com/STATAS
2) Add your custom tracking code at the end of it www.LockhartTactical.com/STATAS?LT=33142
3) Test the URL. All clicks will be tracked on our site. Easily view your clicks HERE


How Do I Check How Much I Earned?
You can check your affiliate wallet at any time by visiting HERE
This dashboard will show you all your commision sales and which payments have made to you as well as which payments are pending.


Feel free to e-mail [email protected] to find out how you can content market Lockhart Tactical using Affiliate Links.