Forensics Source Traxtone Casting Material, Bulk

Brand: Forensics SourceForensics Source

SKU: KR-FS-1008067-TRXT-25LB

SALE PRICE: $53.99 each

Traxtone is a diestone dental stone material that produces highly-detailed impressions with minimum setting time. Special pigment flakes embedded inside the casting material indicate when the Traxtone is sufficiently mixed. Once all the pigment flakes have been blended into the mixture, it is ready to pour. Setting time is approximately 20-30 minutes. Traxtone provides superior detail reproduction and durability and has a higher compression strength than most casting materials at 18,000 psi.

For those of you who prefer to purchase your casting material in bulk, our Traxtone Dental Stone is now available in 4kg (1 gal.) and 11.3kg (25lb.) containers in both our standard green Traxtone and the new Traxtone Buff.