Forensics Source 3M Trace Evidence Collection Vacuum

Brand: Forensics SourceForensics Source

SKU: KR-FS-1005754-4-3005

SALE PRICE: $331.19 each

Pick up minute particles as small as 0.1 micron in size (about 1/4 the diameter of an average human hair) with this complete vacuum system. Each individually wrapped, cleanroom-sealed filter nozzle is designed to be used once and submitted to the crime lab for examination using the included evidence bag. Use a new filter nozzle each time to minimize the chance of cross-contamination. The 4.5m (15’) power cord and 2.4m (8’) hose are contained inside the compact vacuum case for convenient storage and transport. Filter nozzles measure 10cm (4") in diameter. The internal filter should be changed as airflow decreases. Vacuum includes a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.