Forensics Source Patrol Products Dispenser Box

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SALE PRICE: $237.59 each

This new Patrol Pak Dispenser Box was designed with forensic professionals and law enforcement officers in mind. It has never been easier to access a wide variety of your most used drug test kits and other critical forensic supplies when and where you need them. Officers and technicians who need drug test kits or other frequently-used supplies can quickly grab a box and head out on the job.

The durable and attractively-finished steel storage box can be easily installed in any convenient location, from the quartermaster stores, to the patrol briefing room to the crime lab. It holds up to (50) products total – you pick and choose the selection to meet your unique needs. Top loading slots ensure you always use the oldest items first, supporting a FIFO inventory management process. Slots also make reloading the dispenser a snap.

The box fits all NIK® Public Safety and ODV presumptive drug test kits. It also fits a specially selected assortment of high-use patrol and forensic products including nitrile gloves, evidence markers, disposable restraints and evidence storage bags. All products are dispensed in handy cardboard boxes designed to fit a glove box or gear bag for easy access in the field. Sleek gray powder coat finish fits perfectly in any professional or institutional décor.

  • Convenient storage for a variety of high-use patrol and forensic products
  • Stores and dispenses up to (50) drug test kits or other forensic/patrol products
  • Designed for use in large and small LE agencies, correctional facilities, and security settings
  • Dispenser can be wall or counter mounted
  • Durable, all-steel welded construction
  • Powder coat finish is attractive and long wearing
  • Design provides visual check on inventory levels
  • Top-loading slots support FIFO inventory control
  • Offered in gray only

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