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CSIpix Comparator software allows law enforcement personnel to process, analyze and conduct side-by-side comparison of forensic images such as fingerprints, palm prints, footprints and tire treads. Unique tools reduce the time to prepare court exhibits like magnified view “bubble” charts. CSIpix Comparator features many automated image analysis functions, making the comparison process easier and faster. These functions include auto scaling, auto levels adjustment, auto
perspective dewarp, and optimized image conversion from color to gray scale. All common image file types are supported, including JPEG, BMP, TIFF, and WSQ as well as NIST format files.

• Auto Scaling — calibrate an image containing a scale/ruler with one click
• Auto Levels — adjust contrast over the selected region with one click
• Lock Zoom — Click “Lock Zoom” to display two calibrated images side by side at the same magnification.
• Lock Pan — Once “Lock Zoom” is active, click “Lock Pan” to pan around both images simultaneously.
• Add Border — quickly add a white border around an image for charts and exhibits
• Annotation — Add text, arrows with headers, minutia symbols etc. then individually edit the characteristics of each annotation.
• Magnified Views — quickly produce “Bubble Charts” for presentations showing magnified views of the matching features of two prints
• Perspective Dewarp — quickly correct perspective distortion with a few mouse clicks
• Set User Preferences — If you always use the same settings for annotations for example, you can control the default settings to your preferred values.

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