Forensics Source Circline Series Magnifier

Forensics Source Circline Series Magnifier
Brand: Forensics SourceForensics Source

SKU: KR-FS-1013659-SPECK-8MC-100

SALE PRICE: $428.39 each

As one of the best selling lines of magnifiers in the world, Dazor Circline magnifier lamps have been used by professionals for decades. The circline fluorescent provides even, shadow-free light under the magnifying lens for hands-free, detailed work or the reading of fine print. The circular light source uniformly illuminates the viewing surface so that color contrasts are enhanced without competing shadows. The 5-inch diameter lens is precision ground, crown optical glass for near-zero light refraction and dispersion and is available with either a 3 or 5 diopter lens. This magnifier (8MC-100) mounted on Dazor’s contemporary “Floating-arm” lets you position the light source and lens with the touch of a finger. The rugged steel construction is designed to provide years of service. Includes 22-watt daylight 6500°K bulb and polycarbonate plastic shield. Available colors: White/Black/Gray.

  • Provides even, shadow-free light under magnifying lens
  • 5-inch diameter lens is precision ground for near-zero light refraction
  • Available with 3 or 5 diopter lens
  • Positioned on "floating arm" so you can position with a touch of the finger

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