Forensics Source Savina Mini-Max, Box of 100

Brand: Forensics SourceForensics Source

SKU: KR-FS-1005825-5-0010

SALE PRICE: $494.39 each

High technology fields are growing every day in sophistication and precision. Highly efficient wiping cloths are essential for a strict dust-free environment in the manufacturing of such products as LSIs and LCDs. Savina MX was created to readily meet the needs of the times, with excellent functions enough to cope with the ultimate dust-free condition in super clean rooms.

Wipers for use in clean rooms should clean all instruments, apparatuses and peripheral devices while causing no contamination. They are also required to absorb and remove any undesired moisture. Savina MX, which contains all properties needed for such wipes, is one of the highest-performance wiping cloths designed for the age of high technology.

After knitting, the greige for Savina MX is shrunken length-wise and width-wise with the proprietary technology of KB SEIREN, in order to achieve and extremely dense construction. The fine filaments on the wiping cloth surface, as many as 82,550/sq.cm, ensure the fail-safe entrapment of dust.

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