Tie Clip Camera - C11741

Brand: KJB Security ProductsKJB Security Products

SKU: KJB-C11741

SALE PRICE: $266.99 each

Clip on this tiny pinhole camera and receive high resolution video output from the tie clip camera. The C11741 is one of the best disguises for the professional blending seamlessly with your business suit and tie.

Features and Best Uses

  • Covert
  • Easy to use
  • Quick Install
  • Body Worn


  • Video Resolution: 480 TV Line, 640x480
  • CMOS color camera
  • 1/3 CMOS Image sensor

Dimensions: 3ā€ L x 0.5ā€ W x 0.5ā€ H
Weight: 0lb 0oz

Included and Extra Accessories
Included with this item

  • RCA Cables
  • 12 volt Battery Pack
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