LP-44 SALE PRICE: $8,442.38 each
Mitee-Bite Pitbull Clamps
2019-02-13 17:12
Pitbull® Clamps The revolutionary Pitbull® Clamp remains the lowest profile, highest holding force clamp in the industry today. High vertical a
MITEE-26000 SALE PRICE: $74.99 each
Mitee-Bite Rotary Vacuum Chuck
2019-02-14 06:35
Rotary Vacuum Chuck Yes, it’s true! A vacuum system for your lathe or rotary table which provides on option for those applications that canno
MITEE-46400 SALE PRICE: $845.99 each
Mitee-Bite Loc-Jaw System
2019-02-14 05:32
The Loc-Jaw® system was conceived to simplify, and allow greater tooling access and more versatility securing your parts when 4th and 5th axis mach
MITEE-14500 SALE PRICE: $1,200.99 each
Mitee-Bite Loc-Down System
2019-02-14 05:21
Loc-Down® System The Mitee-Bite Loc-Down® System was designed to be a programmer’s and operator’s dream for quickly and easily securing sma
MITEE-11500 SALE PRICE: $60.99 each
Mitee-Bite Vacuum Pump
2019-02-14 06:53
Vacuum Pump We now offer an Electric Vacuum Pump/Air Compressor option for use with all of our vacuum systems or your current system. This unit i
MITEE-46300 SALE PRICE: $850.99 each
Mitee-Bite OK-Vise Multi-Rail System
2019-02-14 06:16
OK-Vise® Multi-Rail System The Multi-Rail System is a versatile fixturing system perfect for all machining centers. The addition of the new Speed
MITEE-47220 SALE PRICE: $550.99 each
Mitee-Bite Locating Pins and Liners
2019-02-14 05:41
Locating Pins and Liners Use our Diamond and Tapered pins to standardize your shop with a universal pattern, allowing fixtures to be quickly mounte
MITEE-51000 SALE PRICE: $38.99 each
Mitee-Bite Multi-Power Vac
2019-02-14 11:35
Mitee-Bite is proud to introduce possibly the most universal multi-functional vacuum system in today’s market. This system has several unique featur
MITEE-46000 SALE PRICE: $2,000.99 each
Mitee-Bite Spring Loc and Sliding Stop
2019-02-14 06:39
Spring Loc™ and Sliding Stop™ The Spring-Loc™ is an extremely low profile (.072″) adjustable clamp capable of producing approximately 10
MITEE-42000 SALE PRICE: $135.99 each
Mitee-Bite Modular In-Line Clamping System
2019-02-14 06:02
Modular In-Line Clamping System Mitee-Bite announces the addition of our popular fixture clamps in a modular system. Clamps, grips and stops, desig
MITEE-41125 SALE PRICE: $45.99 each
Mitee-Bite Vacmagic VM100
2019-02-14 11:40
Vacmagic® VM100 The VM100 was primarily designed for grinding non-ferrous material on a magnetic chuck. During the early stages of R & D it
MITEE-45325 SALE PRICE: $99.99 each
Mitee-Bite Tall Vise Jaw System
2019-02-14 06:45
Tall Vise Jaw System These Vise Jaws/Towers are designed to mount directly to your 4 or 6 inch vise elevating your workpiece into the 5 axis enve
MITEE-32266 SALE PRICE: $550.99 each
Mitee-Bite Modular XYZ Xpansion Pins
2019-02-14 06:12
Modular XYZ Xpansion™ Pins Mitee-Bite Products releases the new Modular XYZ Xpansion™ Pins for Tombstone, Grid Plate and Fixture Plate applic
MITEE-31850 SALE PRICE: $44.99 each
Mitee-Bite Vacmagic VM300
2019-02-14 12:07
The All-in-One Pallet Changer and Vacuum Chuck SystemOne Small Investment = Huge Payoffs! In a relatively short amount of time the VM300 has establ
MITEE-45130 SALE PRICE: $275.99 each
Mitee-Bite Quick Change Receiver and Blank Pallet
2019-02-14 06:22
Quick Change Receiver and Blank Pallet MITEE-BITE announces the addition of a cost effective simple Quick Change Receiver System allowing for the r
MITEE-46500 SALE PRICE: $600.99 each
Mitee-Bite Vacuum Pallet with M6 Threaded Holes
2019-02-14 12:12
Vacuum Pallet with M6 Threaded Holes Use Sliding Stops for additional holding force on vacuum application (4 included) Pack of 50206 Fixture cla
MITEE-45150 SALE PRICE: $340.99 each
Mitee-Bite Vise Pallet
2019-02-14 09:36
Vise Pallet Now you can run those fixture jobs without removing your vises. Vise Pallets are designed to fit in all 6 inch(150mm) vises and
MITEE-24100 SALE PRICE: $78.99 each
Mitee-Bite TITANS of CNC Academy Kit
2019-02-14 06:51
TITANS of CNC Academy Kit Mitee-Bite Products has just completed a new Kit for the TITANS of CNC Academy, helping to educate in the Art
MITEE-30400 SALE PRICE: $585.00 each
Mitee-Bite VersaGrip
2019-02-14 10:27
VersaGrip™ Vise Jaws VersaGrip™, as the name implies, offers the versatility of clamping standard vise work as well as providing a solution f
MITEE-32166 SALE PRICE: $185.99 each
Mitee-Bite Compact Toe Clamps
2019-02-14 06:59
Compact Toe Clamps This cam action fixture clamp provides positive down force while using very little space on a fixture. Work pieces can be clamped
MITEE-24106 SALE PRICE: $39.99 each
Mitee-Bite TalonGrip
2019-02-14 10:34
TalonGrip™ Vise Jaw Systems Mitee-Bite Products introduces a new and innovative product that will increase the functionality of your standard 4
MITEE-32050 SALE PRICE: $24.99 each
Mitee-Bite Dyna-Force Clamps
2019-02-14 07:12
Dyna-Force® Clamps The majority of the Dyna-Force® clamp is below the surface of the fixture which provides excellent clamp support and makes for
MITEE-28314 SALE PRICE: $74.99 each
Mitee-Bite 8″ TalonGrip™ Vise Jaw System
2019-02-14 12:14
8″ TalonGrip™ Vise Jaw System for a 6″ or 8″ Vise Due to the overwhelming popularity of the Talongrip™ System we now have Jaws for 4″
MITEE-32088 SALE PRICE: $250.99 each
Mitee-Bite Fixture Clamps
2019-02-14 07:19
Fixture Clamps The Cam Action MITEE-BITE Fixture Clamp is made up of two simple components: a hardened steel socket cap screw with an offset head a
MITEE-10202 SALE PRICE: $50.99 each
Mitee-Bite Collet Stop
2019-02-14 12:59
Collet Stops The MITEE-BITE “front” loading Collet Stop is the most convenient 5C Collet Stop on the market. Once seated, the collet need not b
MITEE-10105 SALE PRICE: $27.99 each
Mitee-Bite ID Xpansion Clamp
2019-02-14 07:28
ID Xpansion™ Clamps The ID Xpansion™ clamp is the ideal solution to hold parts on an inside diameter for high density machining on vertical or
MITEE-31000 SALE PRICE: $36.99 each
Mitee-Bite Knife Edge Clamps
2019-02-14 07:45
Knife Edge Clamps Our Knife Edge Clamps can be used instead of the original brass hex clamps for clamping rough cut stock, castings and any materia
MITEE-22584 SALE PRICE: $98.99 each
Mitee-Bite Kopal Mini Clamps
2019-02-14 07:53
KOPAL® Mini Clamps These low profile cam action clamps and stops have a holding force of 880 lbs. (3900N.) and have fingers that push the workpi
MITEE-25210 SALE PRICE: $62.99 each
Mitee-Bite Locating Rails
2019-02-14 07:58
Locating Rails for Jigs and Fixtures Is it taking too long to make a fixture to increase production? Mitee-Bite Products makes fixture building
MITEE-33110 SALE PRICE: $11.99 each
Mitee-Bite Long length Channel (7075-T6) & Steel Wedge
2019-02-14 08:07
Long length Channel (7075-T6) & Steel Wedge This material is available in 20″ (508mm) lengths so clamps can be fabricated in different leng
MITEE-62010 SALE PRICE: $97.99 each
Mitee-Bite Long Length Machinable Uniforce Clamps
2019-02-14 08:12
Long Length Machinable Uniforce® Clamps Mitee-Bite products introduces the long length Uniforce® Clamp with machinable jaws. The long length cl
MITEE-60143 SALE PRICE: $4.99 each
Mitee-Bite Machinable Fixture Clamps
2019-02-14 08:31
Machinable Fixture Clamps These clamps, with the machinable steel washers, provide more flexibility for holding round or unusual shaped parts. Pa
MITEE-10504 SALE PRICE: $43.99 each
Mitee-Bite Machinable Pitbull Clamps
2019-02-14 08:39
Machinable Pitbull® Clamps The popular Pitbull® Fixture Clamp is now available in a machinable version. The clamp has positive down force and a
MITEE-26077 SALE PRICE: $83.99 each
Mitee-Bite Machinable Uniforce Clamps
2019-02-14 08:44
Machinable Uniforce® Clamps The compact Mitee-Bite Uniforce® clamp is available with extra material on the clamping jaws so it can be machined
MITEE-60050 SALE PRICE: $21.99 each
Mitee-Bite Modular Pitbull Clamps
2019-02-14 09:02
Modular Pitbull® Clamps The Pitbull® Fixture Clamp is very well known for its low profile and positive down force. It is now available as a mod
MITEE-26220 SALE PRICE: $59.99 each
Mitee-Bite Multi-Fixture Clamps & Stops
2019-02-14 09:21
Multi-Fixture Clamps and Stops The MITEE-BITE Multi-Fixture Clamp offers increased versatility through its unique riser clamp design. Provides
MITEE-23140 SALE PRICE: $49.99 each
Mitee-Bite OK-Vise Clamps
2019-02-14 09:38
OK-VISE® Clamps THREE-DIMENSIONAL MACHININGDue to a low-profile design of OK-VISE® Clamps, it is possible to execute flexible three-directional m
MITEE-47100 SALE PRICE: $50.99 each
Mitee-Bite Side-Loc Xpansion Clamps
2019-02-14 10:03
Side-Loc Xpansion Clamps The Side-Loc Xpansion Clamp is actuated from the side, making it perfect for blind hole applications.It’s produced for
MITEE-31210 SALE PRICE: $92.99 each
Mitee-Bite Uniforce Clamps
2019-02-14 10:06
Uniforce® Clamps The compact, economical MITEE-BITE Uniforce® Clamp enables you to fixture more parts on the machine table. The specially desig
MITEE-60250 SALE PRICE: $62.99 each
Mitee-Bite Advant-Edge Clamps
2019-02-14 10:11
Advant-Edge Clamps The MITEE-BITE Advant-Edge Clamp provides additional clamping force and improved table grip. Tilted clamping element creates
MITEE-52224 SALE PRICE: $69.99 each
Mitee-Bite Series-9 Clamps
2019-02-14 10:15
Series-9 Clamps This adjustable low profile, cam action clamp provides clamping of different size workpieces merely by rotating the clamp to one
MITEE-90110 SALE PRICE: $29.99 each
Mitee-Bite Kopal Mono-Bloc Chain Clamps
2019-02-14 10:30
KOPAL® Mono-Bloc Chain Clamp The Mono-Bloc Chain Clamp is a simple and rapid workholding solution for a wide array of applications. The Chain Cl
MITEE-25040 SALE PRICE: $612.99 each
Mitee-Bite Kopal Mono-Bloc Clamps
2019-02-14 10:38
Kopal Mono-Bloc Clamps The Mono-bloc clamp is the quickest and easiest way to clamp parts on a Bridgeport-type mill. One of the fastest and stro
MITEE-25705 SALE PRICE: $294.99 each
Mitee-Bite Strap Clamps
2019-02-14 11:03
Strap Clamps This low profile design promotes superior clamping in both normal and restricted areas with minimal tooling interference. Heat tr
MITEE-35100 SALE PRICE: $27.99 each
Mitee-Bite T-Slot Clamps
2019-02-14 11:08
T-Slot Clamps The original MITEE-BITE T-Slot Clamp combines our unique cam action clamping element with a T-nut. Locks in machine T-slot for l
MITEE-10420 SALE PRICE: $43.99 each
Mitee-Bite T-Slot Kits
2019-02-14 11:25
T-Slot Kits The original MITEE-BITE T-Slot Clamp combines our unique cam action clamping element with a T-nut. Locks in machine T-slot for l
MITEE-10640 SALE PRICE: $102.99 each
Mitee-Bite T-Slot Toe Clamps
2019-02-14 11:31
T-Slot Toe Clamps This clamp is similar the Compact Toe Clamp, only it is designed to be used in the T-slots of machine tables. It provides 4,000
MITEE-24000 SALE PRICE: $35.99 each
Mitee-Bite Aluminum T-Slot Plate
2019-02-14 12:37
Our standard T-Slot Plates provide a low cost solution to transform your grid plates, cmm’s and even drill presses into a more universal platform. A
MITEE-22913 SALE PRICE: $229.99 each
Mitee-Bite Chip Hooks
2019-02-14 12:46
Chip Hooks The chip hook is an essential safety tool for all shops. These galvanized steel hooks are fitted with a protective polyethylene hilt and
MITEE-12060 SALE PRICE: $49.99 each
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