SureFire Ultra-High Single-Output HID Searchlight / Spotlight
2015-12-10 11:49
The SureFire ARC2-8C handheld spotlight/searchlight uses an ultra-high-output HID (high-intensity discharge) lamp and a deep, mirror-finish reflector
KR-SF-ARC2-8C SALE: $2,819.99 EA
SureFire Ultra-High Single-Output HID Searchlight/Spotlight Head
2015-12-10 11:40
The SureFire ARC2 is the head assembly of the SureFire ARC2-8C handheld spotlight/searchlight. When attached to a power supply, its ultra-high-output
KR-SF-ARC2 SALE: $1,499.99 EA
SureFire V1 Vampire Dual-Output LED – White and IR Output
2015-12-11 10:15
The V1 Vampire is an ultra-compact, combat-ready dual-output flashlight that provides both white light and infrared output without the need for an IR
KR-SF-V1-B-BK SALE: $298.99 EA
SureFire X300 Ultra
2015-12-10 10:47
DescriptionThe powerful, virtually indestructible X300 Ultra WeaponLight was primarily designed for handguns but is also excellent for long guns and m
KR-SF-X300U-B SALE: $298.99 EA
SureFire X400 Ultra - Red Laser
2015-12-10 10:55
DescriptionThe SureFire X400 Ultra WeaponLight integrates stunningly powerful white-light illumination and bright red laser aiming capabilities in one
KR-SF-X400U-A-RD SALE: $594.99 EA
SureFire X400 Ultra Green Laser
2017-08-07 12:22
  Max Output -- White Light 600 lumens Tactical Runtime** 1.75 hours Max Output -- Laser 5.0 mW 25 hours Length 3.6 inc
KR-SFX400U-A-GN SALE: $749.00 EA
SureFire X400V IRc
2015-12-10 11:08
DescriptionThe SureFire X400V IRc is a highly versatile dual-spectrum handgun WeaponLight that also boasts an integral Class 1 infrared-laser sight fo
KR-SF-X400V-A-IRC SALE: $874.99 EA
SureFire XC1 Ultra-Compact LED Handgun Light
2015-12-10 10:34
DescriptionThe game-changing XC1, SureFire’s smallest and lightest weight WeaponLight, was specially developed to equip compact railed handguns with
KR-SF-XC1-A SALE: $298.99 EA
SureFire Y300 Ultra Ultra-High Dual-Output LED
2015-12-11 10:10
The Y300™ Ultra is a paradigm-shifting illumination tool that is exceptionally versatile, having virtually limitless mounting options stemming from
KR-SF-Y300U-A-BK SALE: $294.99 EA
Surface Mount Barrier End Cap
2017-06-16 16:02
End Cap as seen in picture (Right Hand Side).Only required in surface mount installations
Roadshark-End-Cap SALE: $130.00 EA
Telesteps 16′ Military/Tactical Extension
2017-12-14 15:41
16′ Military/Tactical Extension TELESTEPS 1600ETProfessional Telescopic LadderType 1A 300 LB Duty Rating  Length 30 inches to 12.5 feet (
TAC-1600ET SALE: $372.00 EA
Tentsile Pack Of 3 Tree Protectors
2016-06-09 14:55
ALL COLORS IN STOCK! WE SHIP WORLDWIDE! Our Tree Protector Straps help to protect bark and the delicate Cambium layer beneath. Pressure from straps c
PTP SALE: $45.00 EA
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Timney Trigger Adjustable 1.5 - 4lb for Mosin-Nagant
2018-08-18 09:39
Timney Triggers, Trigger, 1.5-4 Lbs, Mosin Nagant Trigger, Adjustable, Black Finish UPC Code: 081950003075 Manufacturer: Timney Triggers Manufa
TIM307 SALE: $139.00 EA
Timney Trigger AR 10 Competition
2017-07-03 09:31
The Timney AR-10 trigger is a self-contained, 100% drop-in unit ready to install in an AR-10 rifle for an exceptionally smooth, crisp, single-stage tr
TIM670 SALE: $281.99 EA
Timney Trigger AR 15 Competition
2017-07-03 10:05
Why settle for a sloppy trigger which can cause a good rifle to shoot badly? Now shooters can replace their AR Trigger with one that is smooth and br
TIM668S SALE: $237.99 EA
Timney Trigger AR Targa 2-Stage Short
2017-07-03 10:22
The new Timney AR Targa 2-Stage Trigger with a SHORT first stage take-up is a self-contained, 100% drop-in unit that is ready to install in your AR-15
TIM662S SALE: $237.99 EA
Timney Trigger AR-15 Calvin Elite
2017-07-03 10:33
The Ultimate 3-Gun trigger is here!The Calvin Elite Custom replacement trigger for the AR platform features a brand new internal design that rests in
TIM660CE SALE: $299.99 EA
Timney Trigger Calvin Elite Adjustable Remington Model 700 (8oz-2lbs)
2017-07-03 13:36
Timney is the market leader for Remington replacement triggers A true drop in trigger Timney-designed, unique trigger blocking safety Factory calib
RS-TIM520CE-A SALE: $269.00 EA
Timney Trigger SCAR 17
2017-07-03 09:28
The Timney SCAR trigger is a self-contained, 100% drop-in unit ready to install in an SCAR rifles for an exceptionally smooth, crisp, single
TIM690S SALE: $343.99 EA
Timney Trigger Tikka T3 2 Stage Trigger - Black Finish
2018-10-02 13:19
Timney Triggers, Trigger, 1.5-4 Lbs Pull Weight, Fits Tikka T3, Adjustable, Black Finish, 2 Stage8oz First Stage 1lb Second Stage UPC Code: 0819500
RS-TIM430 SALE: $247.99 EA
Timney Triggers 2-Stage Calvin Elite Remington Model 700
2017-07-03 15:14
About the Elite Series: 2-STAGE REMINGTON TRIGGER The new Timney 2-Stage Straight trigger is the latest model in that series.  The pull wei
TIM-532 SALE: $203.99 EA
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