Timney Triggers Bench Rest Replacement Trigger
2017-07-03 09:56
This trigger was created for the Bench-rest and long distance varmint shooters. With a knurled trigger bar, it is adjustable for length of pull. It ca
TIM-501-T SALE: $151.99 EA
Timney Triggers Mosin-Nagant
2017-07-03 09:10
The Mosin-Nagant trigger features a trigger blocking side safety, adjustable trigger pull weight of 1.5 to 4 pounds with heat treated components assem
TIM-307 SALE: $122.99 EA
Timney Triggers Remington 700 W/ Safety
2017-07-03 13:26
The Timney Remington 700 replacement trigger comes with a safety that blocks the trigger, not the sear, which is a totally new design. No screws, dril
TIM-510 SALE: $164.99 EA
Timney Triggers Ruger 10/22 Calvin Elite Trigger 1022CE
2021-03-12 17:15
This Timney set the standard for aftermarket upgrades for the 10/22® rifle A drop in, complete assembly trigger Features an extended magazine relea
TIM-1022CE SALE: $296.99 EA
Timney Triggers Ruger® 10/22® Trigger
2017-07-03 08:36
This Timney trigger undoubtedly sets the standard for aftermarket trigger upgrades for the Ruger®1022®. Featuring a one piece action of CNC machine
TIM-1022-1C SALE: $248.99 EA
Timney Triggers SCAR 16
2017-07-03 09:26
The Timney SCAR trigger is a self-contained, 100% drop-in unit ready to install in an SCAR rifles for an exceptionally smooth, crisp, single
TIM691S SALE: $343.99 EA
Timney Triggers SpringFeild Sportsman
2017-07-03 08:54
Fits most bolt-action rifles built on Springfield-type actions. Fully adjustable, 2-4 pounds trigger pull weight. Light weight alloy housing. Machined
TIM-109 SALE: $61.99 EA
Traffic Safety Barricade Tape
2018-01-17 08:58
Available in 3.0 mils of structural thickness. Barricade tape is printed utilizing big, bold, black lettering. Pro- Line can print in any language or
KR-TS-BT SALE: $19.99 EA
TriggerTech Raven Competition 3lb Single Stage Trigger + Free Install
2022-02-20 16:59
TriggerTech Raven Competion 3.0 LB single stage triggerOffered in FLAT or CURVED.Incredibly crisp trigger break with zero creep.
Troy Industries - Bolt Ambidextrous Release
2015-02-26 14:28
The Ambidextrous Bolt Release is an indispensable device that easily releases or holds bolt open with one hand to streamline firearm clearing and relo
Troy Industries - Charging Handle Ambidextrous
2015-02-26 14:30
The Ambidextrous Charging Handle is for AR15, M16 and M4 type rifles. The ambidextrous design allows users to charge their rifle with either hand maki
Troy Industries - Claymore Muzzle Brake
2015-02-09 00:31
The Troy Claymore Muzzle Brake™ directs muzzle blast and sound forward, away from the shooter, while retaining effective muzzle brake properties. Th
Troy Industries - Control Grip
2015-02-09 01:09
Everything you want and need is in this ultimate grip. Featuring a refined grip angle, The Troy Control Grip sets your hand close to the receiver, lea
Troy Industries - Dioptic Folding Sight
2015-02-06 21:28
Advanced design, superior sighting and BattleReady™ toughness define Troy Industries’ Di-Optic Aperture (DOA®) Folding Rear BattleSight™. Thes
Troy Industries - Enhanced Alpha, 13"
2015-03-01 12:54
TROY has taken their world-famous Alpha Rail to the next level with their NEW Alpha Extreme. Alpha Extreme Rails utilize the same low-profile locking
TGD-TI-STRX-AL1-E3BT-00 SALE: $198.99 EA
Troy Industries - Gasblock HK Sight Tritium
2015-02-06 21:38
Just because the light’s not perfect doesn’t mean your aim shouldn’t be™. Troy Industries’ Tritium BattleSights™ are designed to eliminate
TGD-TI-SSIG-GBF-00BT-01 SALE: $173.99 EA
Troy Industries - HK Fixed Sight
2015-02-06 21:04
Durability and dead-on accuracy make Troy BattleSights™ the hands-down first choice of Special Ops and Tactical Users Worldwide. Troy’s HK Front F
Troy Industries - HK Folding Sight
2015-02-06 21:53
Durability and dead-on accuracy make Troy BattleSights™ the hands-down first choice of Special Ops and Tactical Users Worldwide. Troy’s HK Front
Troy Industries - HK Gasblock Sight
2015-02-06 21:35
Problem:Picatinny Railed Gas Blocks do not accommodate a same-plane aperture front sight. Solution:The Troy Industries Gas Block Mounted Front Sight.
TGD-TI-SSIG-GBF-00BT-00 SALE: $128.99 EA
Troy Industries - M1913 Mount
2015-03-01 02:21
 The heavy-duty loop design allows the M1913 Mount to attach directly to a standard MIL-STD Picatinny Rail. This rail mount is perfect for web on
TGD-TI-SMOU-M19-00BT-00 SALE: $24.99 EA
Troy Industries - M4 Fixed Sight
2015-02-06 21:11
Durability and dead-on accuracy make Troy BattleSights™ the hands-down first choice of Special Ops and Tactical Users Worldwide. Troy’s M4 Front F
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