Anyone can buy our gear. Few can own it.

In 1990 a Navy SEAL was navigating a minefield when his pack failed. As his gear tumbled to the ground, he vowed that if he got out of there alive he would make gear the right way. Today this obsession with quality applies to everything we do. We're constantly researching, refining and perfecting every detail to provide gear that won't let you down. Because we're not just making stuff. We're honoring a vow.

Blackhawk Tac Life Pant
2016-08-25 14:19
The BLACKHAWK!® Tac Life Pant provides comfort and durability with ease in range of motion. It’s built of 100% Nylon Ottoman with Teflon® Shield+
TP02BK SALE: $89.99 EA
Black Hawk Gear. Honor Tee
2017-05-24 07:02
Display pride with BLACKHAWK!® T-Shirts.  All designs were made with comfort in mind - a lightweight 50/50 cotton/poly blend weighs just 4.3 oz.  T
Black Hawk Trident Cap
2017-05-24 09:36
Our signature Trident Cap showcases both patriotism and support for law enforcement. Constructed of a flexible heathered performance fabric with an ad
Black Hawk Universal Suppressor Tool
2017-05-24 08:22
The BLACKHAWK!® Universal Suppressor Tool comes with every BLACKHAWK!® Suppressor. It is compatible with BLACKHAWK!® Suppressor parts and accessori
BH-72SAUT01 SALE: $29.99 EA
Blackhawk .22 Cal. Tube Magazine Sling Swivels
2014-03-03 14:42
Standard full-band mounts on most .22 tube diameters .430-.445” rifles except Winchester 94/22M.U.S. 1" Blued.
70SW23BK SALE: $18.99 EA
Blackhawk 1 1/4" Mountain Sling
2014-03-03 16:25
Sometimes simple gear is better especially if it saves weight on a hunt. Our Mountain Sling offers simplicity with just enough substance to ma
73SM00BK SALE: $20.99 EA
Blackhawk 1.25" Universal Tactical 1 Point Sling
2014-03-02 13:30
• Original, simple two-point nylon web design• One size fits all• Fully adjustable
70UT00BK SALE: $10.99 EA
Blackhawk 100oz AntiMicrobial Replacement Reservoir
2014-03-04 17:59
• 100 oz. reservoir and 40” delivery tube with Microban® antimicrobial technology• Black, Coyote Tan, or Foliage Green screw top with lanyard
672556 SALE: $39.99 EA
Blackhawk 1700 Shirt
2014-02-27 13:35
The BLACKHAWK!® 1700 Shirt combines style and comfort with concealed features. The textured seersucker fabric is lightweight, which helps reduce the
88CS03 SALE: $59.99 EA
Blackhawk 1730 Shirt
2016-08-25 07:05
The BLACKHAWK!® 1730 Shirt is a solid blend of comfort and concealment. The breakaway snap placket allows for quick access to a holstered weapon. It
CS01AB SALE: $69.99 EA
Blackhawk 2 Pair Latex Gloves Pouch
2014-03-14 16:04
This Blackhawk pouch can hold two pair of latex gloves: BLACKHAWK!® has done it again, giving you the best of both world’s for traditional looking
BH-44A300PL SALE: $24.99 EA
Blackhawk 2 Pair Latex Gloves Pouch
2014-03-16 00:42
Holds 2 pairs of latex gloves or standard size pager   Only BLACKHAWK!® has combined the crisp, professional look of molded nylon with the sup
BH-44A300BK SALE: $20.99 EA
Blackhawk 2" Nylon Belt Keepers
2014-03-25 02:38
*  Resists stretching or fraying*  2" Nylon web keepers for 2 inch belts *  Keepers come in set of 4
BH-44B350BK SALE: $12.99 EA
Blackhawk 2.25" Nylon Belt Keepers
2014-03-25 02:40
*  Resists stretching or fraying *  2.25" Nylon web keepers for 2.25 inch belts *  Keepers come in set of 4
BH-44B351BK SALE: $12.99 EA
Blackhawk 3-Day Assault Pack
2014-03-14 15:25
This mid-sized, frameless backpack features a detachable sternum strap and padded, removable waist belt for extreme versatility. The inside fe
603D00 SALE: $139.99 EA
Blackhawk 3-Slot Pancake Leather Concealment Holster
2014-04-02 08:24
Constructed of premium leather, this molded three-slot holster comfortably contours to your body, providing exceptional concealment for your weapon. I
BH-4200 SALE: $69.99 EA
Blackhawk 55 Round Shotgun Bandoleer
2013-01-26 14:27
  Over the shoulder design Carries 55 shotgun shells Made of heavy-duty nylon-2.25" military pistol belt webbing 1.5" wide heavy-du
43SB55BK SALE: $29.99 EA
Blackhawk 6P /TL-1 / Scorpion / Strion Light Pouch
2014-03-14 17:30
*  Molded belt loop fits belts up to 2 1/4" *  No Glare, no-wear snap secures the flap
BH-44A250BK SALE: $17.99 EA
Blackhawk 9-11 Rescue Axe (6lb Flat Head Red Handle)
2014-03-17 17:09
The DE 9-11 Series Rescue Axes offer an electrically non-conductive to 100,000 volts AC advanced polymer handle system combined with a drop-forged, he
BH-DE-AR6F SALE: $99.99 EA
Blackhawk 9-11 Rescue Axe (6lb Flat Head Yellow Handle)
2014-03-17 17:14
The DE 9-11 Series Rescue Axes offer an electrically non-conductive to 100,000 volts AC advanced polymer handle system combined with a drop-forged, he
BH-DE-AY6F SALE: $99.99 EA