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Lockhart Tactical is proud to offer a minimum of 10% OFF site wide our new Honor Program

Most items can be purchased with coupon code: MIL10POL
Larger discounts are available once you log in with your vetted Honor account.

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Exclusive Savings for Members
Active and veteran Military, Law Enforcement, Fire, EMS and Security Guards get exclusive access to deals on firearms, apparel, gear, as well as early access to limited blowouts, new product launches and special order items available only to them. Apply now to start saving up to 60%!

What to expect
Applications may take up to 48 hours to get verified. Members must meet the program eligibility requirements.

Who can apply
The Lockhart Tactical Honor Program is available to all Canadian, US and Foreign serving members.
Applying is FREE!

  • Active Military or Veteran
  • Active or retired Law enforcement
  • Coast Guard
  • Search and Rescue
  • Conservation Officers
  • Corrections
  • Nuclear security personnel
  • EMS and Fire
  • Armoured car services
  • Security Guards

*** Valid ID is required. ***

How to apply
Step 1: Click the  "Register for HONOR Program" in the center of the page and fill out all details including uploading a copy of your ID.
You will be emailed an activation link which you need to approve before we can process your application on our side.
Step 2: Wait for us to quickly process your account. (Typically under 10 minuites!) You will be emailed once activation is complete.
Step 3: Enjoy your benefits! You earned them.

What kind of discounts can I expect?
10% OFF all Products Including FIREARMS!
10% OFF all MDT Chassis Systems
10% OFF all XLR Chassis Systems
10% OFF all Cadex Firearms and Chassis Systems
10% OFF all EoTech Red Dot Sights and Optics
10% OFF all Atlas Bipods
10% OFF all Odin Works Barrels and Accessories
15% OFF all ASP Batons and Handcuffs
15% OFF all Accu-Tac Bipods / Scope Rings
15% OFF all Eberlestock Hunting Backpacks and Shooting Bags
15% OFF all Magpul Buttstocks, Grips, Slings and Accessories
15% OFF all Santa Cruz Firearm Locks and Mounting Systems *** NEWEST ADDITIONS ***
18% OFF all Princeton Tec Helmet Lights and Flashlights *** NEWEST ADDITIONS ***
20% OFF all Camelbak Hydration Systems *** NEWEST ADDITIONS ***
20% OFF all Leupold Scopes
20% OFF all Kestrel Wind Meters
20% OFF all Blackhawk Equipment
20% OFF all Tactical Tailor
20% OFF all Grey Ghost Gear
20% OFF all Harris Bipods
20% OFF all Fenix Flashlights
21% OFF all High Speed Gear
21% OFF all Omega Pacific Climbing / Rappelling Equipment *** NEWEST ADDITIONS ***
23% OFF all Inforce Weapon Lights
23% OFF all First Tactical Equipment *** NEWEST ADDITIONS ***
25% OFF all Altama Boots *** NEWEST ADDITIONS ***
25% OFF all Original Swat Boots
25% OFF all Danner Boots
25% OFF all Lacrosse Waders and Boots
25% OFF all Smith and Wesson Boots LOWEST COST BOOTS *** NEWEST ADDITIONS ***
25% OFF all SOG Knives and Tools
25% OFF all Wiley X Ballistic Protective Glasses
25% OFF all EMI Medical Kits
30% OFF all Streamlight Flashlights

30% OFF all Gerber Knives and Tools
10% OFF (50% Total) Lockhart Battle Pack
*** Extra 10% OFF *** ASRAK Level 4 Body Armor Kit (MASSIVE SAVINGS)

And more...!

Has My Account Been Approved?
The easiest way to check if you're account has been approved is to try and login. If you get a message saying "your account has been blocked", this simply means your account has not yet been approved. Please give us a few more hours and you should get an email as soon as you are approved. Once you are able to login, you will see the TOP Honor banner change to this picture, saying "HONOR ACCOUNT ACTIVE"

Honor Account Usage
Once logged in with an activated account you will instantly see a discount applied on all products.
***NOTE, some additional discounts only become active after adding the item to your cart and clicking "Proceed to Checkout"!***
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Thank you for your service.