Under our brand you'll find an original and unique mix of products and information, but you should also notice a central theme.  Unlike any company in the world, we have addressed the need for efficiency and mobility for those who hit the trail, or the fire escape, or the rappel line, while carrying weapons.

We jump in and get dirty with them.  We're not afraid to throw a little weight onto our backs and see what happens, both metaphorically and physically.  And we always look for a better way to get the job done.

Add Gossamer Frame
2019-05-31 09:21
EB-AG2L-Frame SALE: $29.95 each
Eberlestock 2 Liter Accessory Pouch
2015-07-29 12:24
Two-liter non-padded accessory pouch with standard MOLLE-type attachment fittings. MOLLE/PALS type webbing on both front and back. Easy grab double-sl
Eberlestock 38mm x 12" Main Compression Strap Extensions, Set of 3
2015-07-29 12:13
Set of three compression strap extenders. These will work on any Eberlestock pack with 38mm Dual Stealth buckles. Use them to get a little more reach
Eberlestock 5-Liter Dry Bag
2015-07-29 12:36
This handy mid-sized dry bag is a good way to protect small items from wet weather. Designed for the backpacking environment, this lightweight, waterp
Eberlestock Accessories Zip-in Panel
2015-07-28 12:00
Our Zip-in Front Panel fits over the mesh panel of the main utility (meat) compartment of our J-series hunting packs. This panel will transform your p
Eberlestock Accessory Straps
2015-07-29 07:09
Accessory Straps: We're often asked how to ties stuff onto our packs. Most of our packs have built-in compression straps that are perfect for cranking
Eberlestock Afterburner Pant
2018-07-18 08:15
Technical, versatile, lightweight, and built to last.  The Afterburner pant brings the Eberlestock approach to a great pair of hunting pants.  Made
AB SALE: $168.99 each
Eberlestock Airbase Base Layer, Top
2015-07-29 09:12
Made in Finland by people who know how to stay warm when it’s cold, this is the best next-to-skin layer in the world. Polypropylene is widely known
EBERLESTOCK-EG07 SALE: $78.99 each
Eberlestock Airbase Long Underwear Bottom
2015-07-29 09:23
Made in Finland by people who know how to stay warm when it’s cold, this is the best next-to-skin layer in the world. Polypropylene is widely known
Eberlestock Airwave Pouch
2015-07-29 12:25
The Airwave Pouch clips onto 1" webbing such as our Padlock system or harness straps. It has a see-through mesh front panel and a small portal for hea
Eberlestock Alice Clip, Metal, 4-Pack
2015-07-29 12:18
US-Military style Alice clips, 4-pack. Use them to supplement the attachment of pouches, scabbards, and other accessories to the webbing matrixes on o
Eberlestock Bang-Bang Range Bag
2015-07-28 06:50
Features: - Large central compartment with a fully customizable interior compartment ensures a perfect fit for all your gear.-Side carry pockets equi
EBERLESTOCK-R1 SALE: $199.99 each
Eberlestock Battleship Hunting Pack
2015-07-27 12:15
The V90 Battleship is a big, pack-all-you-can-carry-and-go-someplace backpack. It's a conventional class backpack with unconventional features. It is
EBERLESTOCK-V90H SALE: $428.99 each
Eberlestock Batwing Pouch
2017-06-09 10:00
The tall, narrow pockets on our J-Type packs are proven as a great way to stay organized. Because they don't have a lot of lateral space, things tend
A6SB SALE: $39.99 each
Eberlestock Bennett Mountain Vest
2018-07-18 09:48
Sometimes a jacket is too much, and your Bruneau Hoodie won’t be enough to keep you warm.  We created the ultralight Bennett Mountain Fleece Vest f
BM SALE: $128.99 each
Eberlestock Big Trick Pack
2017-06-18 09:33
Introducing our Tricks: great looking everyday-carry packs with some hidden attributes that you expect from Eberlestock. More than just packs, these a
S45ME SALE: $288.99 each
Eberlestock BirdBag
2015-07-29 08:02
The BirdBag utility bag is an easy way to mount 1900 cubic inches of additional capacity on your Eberlestock pack. It has a nylon mesh front designed
Eberlestock Blue Widow Pack
2015-07-27 09:35
The Blue Widow is a distilled version of our J-type packs. It's essentially a Dragonfly with the scabbard layer removed. The main vertical pockets and
Eberlestock Bruneau SPF Hoody
2018-07-18 09:58
We've taken our quest of designing and constructing the most advanced hunting clothing on the planet seriously.  Every piece has gone through hours o
BH SALE: $128.99 each
Eberlestock ButtBucket with Ripcord
2015-07-29 08:26
The ButtBucket is a universal compound bow or rifle carrier, made to mount onto all Eberlestock packs that don't already have a built-in bow carrier.