Milspec Plastics Division of CS Systems Company, Inc. is an Asheville, North Carolina based company that manufactures Patented Cobra Cuffs®, XTREME Zip Ties and other high quality plastic products used by Law Enforcement and Armed Forces around the world. Milspec Plastics also provides a complete package of security related products including Non-Lethal Riot Control, Emergency Response, Active Shooter Go Bags and Tools for Law Enforcement, Military, Professional Security & Civilian markets. Since 2001; Milspec Plastics has a proven track record of providing the most innovative and highest quality products for those that protect us; starting with U.S. Military and Law Enforcement professionals.

When it comes to “Protecting the Protectors” – only the highest quality and most innovative products will do.

Cobra Cuff
2018-12-07 14:23
The ONLY Foldable, Double Locking, Rubber Based – Disposable Restraint Cobra Cuffs Double-Lock Improves Officer Safety by makin
MS24D-250-6 SALE: $29.71 EA
Cobra Cutter Keychain
2018-12-07 17:51
NEW – Patent Pending – Cobra Cutter safety cutting tool functions as a key chain and safely cuts to release Cobra Cuffs & Xtreme Zip Ties