Troy Industries - Single 6.2" Rail Covers
2015-02-19 12:50
Cadex Defence - Modular Picatinny Rails
2015-04-02 01:22
MODULAR PICATINNY RAILS The Modular Rail Kits in 3 inches and 5 inches are designed to fit on Cadex modular products. SPECIFICATIONS FEATURES
CD-03127 SALE: $23.10 EA
Cadex Defence - Carbine Picatinny Rails
2015-04-02 01:39
CARBINE PICATINNY RAILS The Cadex 4.2 and 6 Inch Rail attaches to the handguard of the M4/C8 Carbine or M16/C7 rifle to provide a sturdy Picatinny ra
CD-CMR-418 SALE: $35.20 EA
Cadex Defence - MP5 Fore-end Rail
2015-04-02 01:58
The Cadex Fore-End Rail for the Heckler & Koch MP5 provides the operator with a solid mounting platform for weapon accessories. Features Three
CD-1165 SALE: $300.29 EA
Cadex Defence - Accuracy International Forend Rail with Bipod Cut
2015-04-02 02:20
The Cadex Fore-End Rail provides users of the Accuracy International Rifle with a world-class mount for inline night vision, lasers, and accessories.
CD-1272-A002 SALE: $394.89 EA
Cadex Defence - AR15 Receiver (Not Available in the USA)
2015-04-02 02:35
Cadex’s AR15 Lower Receiver is manufactured to fit existing AR15 upper receiver assemblies. It is precision machined from aeronautic grade 7075- T6
CD-1570-001 SALE: $578.59 EA
Accu-Shot Silo
2015-06-02 04:02
The BT53 SILO is a novel and patent pending product that attaches by means of a Picatinny rail and provides; a textured front that can be pressed into
BT53 SALE: $89.99 EA
Santa Cruz Model SC-920-B Universal Rail Barrel Gun Rack
2015-12-12 04:27
Our Universal Rail Barrel Gun Rack is ideal for securing firearms where there is little to no room on the forend for gunlock. Both the butt plate and
SC-920-B SALE: $254.00 EA
Santa Cruz Model SC-920-5 Universal Rail Gun Rack
2015-12-12 04:29
Possibly our most versatile gun rack, the SC-920-5 can accommodate practically any firearm used in Law Enforcement applications today. Both the butt p
SC-920-5 SALE: $329.00 EA
Santa Cruz Model SC-920-D-AR-AR Dual Universal Rail Large Lock Gun Rack
2015-12-12 10:38
Components include: 2 x SC-1-AR Gun Locks (specify key: #2 or handcuff) 2 x SC-1900 or SC-1901 Butt Plates 2 x SC-9230 30” Universal Rails 2 x
SC-920-D-AR-AR SALE: $589.00 EA
Santa Cruz Model SC-929-AR Universal Rail Overhead Large Lock Gun Rack
2015-12-12 11:38
Components include: 1 x SC-1-AR Gun Lock (specify key: #2 or handcuff) 1 x SC-1900 or SC-1901 Butt Plate 1 x SC-9230 30” Universal Rail 1 x SC
SC-929-AR SALE: $299.00 EA
Cadex Defence Centre Side Rail Kit (2 rails)
2015-12-24 10:16
Optional Picatinny rail for all Strike Chassis and CDX rifles except the Strike NUKE. Specification Dimensions 2.57" x 0.83" x 0.37" | 6.53 x
CD-03127-A083 SALE: $49.49 EA
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