Mitee-Bite Vacmagic VM300

Brand: Mitee-Bite CNC Fixture ClampsMitee-Bite CNC Fixture Clamps

SKU: MITEE-45130_23196

SALE: $275.99 EA

The All-in-One Pallet Changer and Vacuum Chuck System
One Small Investment = Huge Payoffs!

In a relatively short amount of time the VM300 has established itself as the vacuum system to which all others are measured. Capabilities include traditional vacuum applications using our standard grid plate and custom vacuum applications (ie: machining blank pallet to suit specific part geometry) and the ability to perform as a rock solid pallet changer.

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Item No.DescriptionA – Length Inch (Metric)B – Width Inch (Metric)C – Height Inch (Metric)
45130 VM300 Blank Pallet 14.3″(360mm) 12.4″(315mm) 0.75″(19mm)
45135 1″ Blank Pallet 14.93″(379mm) 14.93″(379mm) 1.0″(25.4mm)
45150 VM300 Vacuum Pallet 14.3″(360mm) 12.4″(315mm) 0.625″(16mm)
45160 VM300 Large Vacuum Pallet 33.625″(859mm) 14.5″(368mm) 0.625″(16mm)
45175 VM300 Base Unit (Receiver) includes all hardware 12.75″(323mm) 13.0″(330mm) 1.375″(35mm)
45101 VM300 Kit Includes: base unit, 2 blank pallets, 1 vacuum pallet


Gasket Material

(for VM300 & VM100)

 Part No.Description(Inch) Diameter
BLACK 45111 by the foot .170*
  45115 by the foot .070
  451181 by the foot .125
  45119 by the foot .188
WHITE 45114 by the foot .170*
  45116 by the foot .070
  45117 by the foot .125

BLACK – Excellent for long cycles and aggressive coolants
WHITE – Excellent for small parts, water-based coolants, or running dry.

*Replacement size for base units and vacuum pallets. Other sizes listed for custom-made pallets.

Additional Benefits

  • Simple design keeps cost low
  • Quick-change – swap pallets in 30 seconds or less
  • Productivity maximized – load pallets while machining
  • Easy to install and set-up Precise repeatability
  • Reliable and easy to use – virtually maintenance free
  • Flexible pallet design – limited only by your imagination!
  • No pumps – uses standard shop air
  • A pack of our original Fixture CLamps and Sliding Stops included with the purchase.


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