Lockhart Tactical Raven 5.56 Builder Kit - NON-RESTRICTED

Brand: Lockhart TacticalLockhart Tactical


SALE: $1,325.00 EA
Feature Level
Select Color
LTAC Talon Ambi Top Charging Handle - Mid Length [556]
TriggerTech Raven Competition 3lb Single Stage Trigger + Anti Walk Pins
TriggerTech 45/90 Degree Quick Throw AR Selector - Black
LTAC Talon 5.56 NATO / .22LR Muzzle Brake 1/2-28 Thread
LTAC Enhanced Triple QD Sling Mount End Plate
LTAC Tunable Adjustable Buffer with Weights (2.5 - 6.2oz) Rifle Calibers
LTAC Raven Competition Magwell Flare [5.56 NATO]
(Set of 4) LTAC Extended Length Take Down Pins - Aids in Faster Removal!
LTAC M-LOK 5.5" Picatinny Rails (13 Slot)
LTAC M-LOK 2.5" Picatinny Rails (5 Slot)
LTAC M-LOK QD Sling Mount - 360 Degree Rotation
Magpul Buttstock and Pistol Grip Upgrade Kit
Raven Spare Parts Kit - Wear Parts
LTAC 556 5/30 Magazines

The Builders kit is designed for firearm owners who already have many 5.56 parts. We'll supply all the important proprietary parts while you use your already owned parts. Saving you more money.

The Raven 5.56 Platinum Models come with ambidextrous Bolt Catch / Release buttons as well as ambidextrous Magazine Catch / Release buttons.
The Gold Models have these features removed.

NOTE: You can purchase the "GOLD to PLATINUM Upgrade Kit - Mid Length 5.56" at any time to enhance your Gold Level Raven.

Raven Classification

Lockhart 556 Builder Kit Includes:

1x LTAC Raven Stripped Lower Receiver (PLATINUM & GOLD)
1x LTAC Raven Magwell Complete Assembly: 5.56 (PLATINUM & GOLD)
1x Bolt Catch Plunger (PLATINUM ONLY)
1x Bolt Catch Plunger Spring (PLATINUM ONLY)
1x Right Bolt Catch Rear - Mid length (PLATINUM ONLY)
1x Left Bolt Catch Rear - Mid length (PLATINUM ONLY)
2x Raven Standard Button Retaining Pin (PLATINUM ONLY)
1x Raven Enhanced Ambi Magazine Catch Base - Mid Length (PLATINUM ONLY)
1x Raven Enhanced Ambi Magazine Catch Base Rollpin - Mid Length (PLATINUM ONLY)
1x Raven Enhanced Ambi Magazine Catch Base Connecting Hardware- Mid Length (PLATINUM ONLY)
1x Raven Enhanced Ambi Left Magazine Catch - Mid Length (PLATINUM ONLY)
1x Raven Enhanced Ambi Right Magazine Catch - Mid Length (PLATINUM ONLY)
1x Basic AR15 Right Hand Only Magazine Catch / Release (GOLD ONLY)
1x LTAC Raven Upper Receiver Mid Length 5.56
1x LTAC Raven Firing Pin: 5.56 (PLATINUM & GOLD)
1x LTAC Raven Modular Bolt Carrier Only
1x LTAC Side Charging Handle (PLATINUM & GOLD)

What you will supply:
Lower Parts Kit
Buttstock + Buffer Kit
Barrel + Barrel Nut + Handguard
AR15 Bolt Assembly + Cam Pin (Bolt Carrier already included)
Gas Block + Gas Tube + Gas Key
STANAG style magazine

Both the PLATINUM and GOLD models are the same firearm with the GOLD having some features removed.

The GOLD does not have the following features and associated parts.
[Last round bolt hold open] [Left hand magazine release] [Left hand bolt catch / release button]
At any time, you may purchase the missing parts from our spare parts catalog and upgrade from GOLD level to PLATINUM

The GOLD feature level does NOT include
1x Bolt Catch Plunger
1x Bolt Catch Plunger Spring
1x Right Bolt Catch Rear - Mid length
1x Left Bolt Catch Rear - Mid length
2x Raven Standard Button Retaining Pin
1x Raven Enhanced Ambi Magazine Catch Base - Mid Length
1x Raven Enhanced Ambi Magazine Catch Base Rollpin - Mid Length
1x Raven Enhanced Ambi Magazine Catch Base Connecting Hardware- Mid Length
1x Raven Enhanced Ambi Left Magazine Catch - Mid Length
1x Raven Enhanced Ambi Right Magazine Catch - Mid Length
Note: The GOLD model does include a basic AR15 right hand magazine release button system.

Want to Learn more about the Raven?
Raven Specifications

The Raven will be Canada's most ergonomic, advanced rifle on the market. Precision machined, and packed with operator friendly features, you'll be ready to crush the competition.

Multiple Color Options
Available in Black or Colored cerakote.

Lefty Friendly
We're fully ambidextrous for safety selector, magazine release, bolt catch and charging operations.

Compatibility is everything.
The raven is already setup for top and /or side charging handle options making our platform fit your preferred style best.

Made For Canada!
Our team at Lockhart pulled off the near impossible task of blending form, function, lightweightness while making a beautiful rifle specifically for the Canadian market.

Bolt Carrier Specifications
Crafted from 316 Stainless Steel and coated with a DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) coating. This coating is one of our favorites! It's an extremely tough, corrosion proof coating that has a very low coefficient of friction and bonds so tightly to the carrier that it's nearly indestructible. What does this mean for you? The Raven want's to party without needing to be soaked in oil!

Our proprietary bolt carrier fits all standard AR15 style bolt faces. This allows you to only have to swap out the bolt front half during caliber changes and allowing instant and easy access to the firing pin as well. We mentioned no tools required right?

Instead of requiring a proprietary extractor claw, we utilized a tested and proven off the shelf part to ensure replacements are always easy.

Tool-less Takedown
The Raven features beyond this world tool-less take down! Seperate the upper, lowers, handguard without any tools. Like the rest of the Raven. No other rifle comes close. Did we mention it takes under 30 seconds?

We optimized every feature of our weapon system while keeping the Raven incredibly strong; resulting a work of art. Weighing less than nearly every other "competitor", the Raven is well balanced to ensure comfort while keeping you on target. Dominate your sport with the Raven.


  • Made Specifically for Canadians!
  • Weight: 2.0 LBS (0.9 KG)
  • Semi Automatic 5.56 NATO rifle
  • Dual style ambidextrous charging handles
  • Ambidextrous safety Selectors
  • Ambidextrous symmetrical magazine releases
  • Ambidextrous symmetrical bolt catch / releases
  • Automatic last round bolt hold open
  • Featherweight
  • Accepts STANAG style magazines
  • Stainless steel hardware enhances durability by resisting corrosion
  • Billet 7075-T6 aluminum upper receiver
  • Billet 7075-T6 aluminum lower receiver
  • Modular Receiver Design allows tool-less caliber changes
  • Modular 316 Stainless Steel Bolt Carrier w/ DLC coating for optimal perfomance
  • Tool-less receiver take down for easy cleaning / storage

Market Compatibility
Accepts AR Style Buffer Tube
Accepts AR Style Buttstock
Accepts AR Style Semi Auto Trigger Groups
Accepts STANAG Standard Magazines
*Other standard magazines will be able to be used with our caliber change kits.
Full Picatinny Rails Accept Any Standard Accessories!

Whats in the box
Each Raven Builder Kit is shipped with the following
- Safe Use, Maintenance Instructional Manual

Replacement Parts
Want to have back up parts on hand? No problem. We'll have thousands of extra parts in stock to ensure your Raven never goes down.

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