LTAC-Guardian Remote Control

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LTAC-GUARDIAN Remote Control

We've created the LTAC-Guardian Remote to be as weatherproof as possible, while ensuring its incredibly easy to change batteries in the field if needed to keep you up and running.

The different programmable options give up to 75 different patterns!

Programable Options:
1) Program Time Delays between activation and first shot
Selectable Options: 0 Seconds, 1 Seconds, 2 Seconds, 3 Seconds, 4 Seconds
Example: Press FIRE button on REMOTE and GUARDIAN will fire after a (3) second delay.

2) Program Time Delay between shots
Selectable Options: 0 Seconds, 1 Seconds, 2 Seconds.

Example: After first shot is fired on GUARDIAN, fire each sequential shots, 1 second apart.

3) Single Shot Mode

Selectable Options: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Example: If (1) is selected, each time the FIRE is pressed, only 1 shot will be fired.

Remote Features
- Arm and Deploy or Abort from a distance (Range ~ 50M / 160ft)
- Field Replaceable batteries get you up and running immeditely without needing to recharge.
- OTA (Over The Air) Updates allow you to wirelessly update your Remote to get our latest software updates connecting you to advanced accessories and keeping you devices current!

1x LTAC-GUARDIAN Remote Control

Patent Pending.


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