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First Tactical Viper Knife Spear

Brand: First TacticalFirst Tactical
$29.99 EA


Greatest Precision Spear Blade

Product Details

A Compact, Efficient Blade Crafted From Aus8 Steel Makes The Viper Our Most Precise Folding Spear Knife, With Thumb Bridge Technology™ And Pull Grip Features Integrated Into The Rugged, Lightweight Frn Handle For Even Greater Control And Performance. The Short Blade And Full Size Handle Makes This The Perfect Utility Knife.


Blade: Aus8 Steel

Blade Type: Modified Spear

Handle: Frn

Blade Length: 2.56in / 65.1mm

Blade Thickness: 0.13in / 3.2mm

Liner Thickness: 0.05in / 1.2mm

Handle Thickness: 0.74in / 18.9mm

Open Length: 6.48in / 164.6mm

Closed Length: 3.90in / 99.1mm

Weight: 4.20oz / 119g

Innovative Features

Turned Pocket Clip Design

Traditional Top Mount Clips Rely On Screw Threads For Strength. Our Turned Mount Clip Design Alleviates Pressure On The Screws, Eliminating The Need To Constantly Tighten Loose Screws, Or Having The Clip Completely Severed.

Thumb Bridge Technology™

Specialized Thumb Bridge Technology™ Provides The Gloved Or Ungloved Hand Ease Of Opening In All Conditions With Added Steadiness And Skillful Control Of Your Blade. While Open, The Thumb Bridge™ And Blade Choils Allow You To Choke Up On The Knife For Fine Cutting And Knife Work.

Enchanced Pull Grip

Our Enhanced Pull Grip Gives The User Added Texture In The Body Of The Knife For A Firm Hold And Quicker Response.

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