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Shoulder Strap w/ RT3 Retractor QC II

Brand: Gear Keeper - Retractable Gear Attachment SystemsGear Keeper - Retractable Gear Attachment Systems
$39.99 EA

Adjustable Shoulder Strap with RT3 Retractor w/ Q/C-II End Type:

  • Designed for heavy instruments
  • Disconnect-able instrument attachment
  • Instrument connector interchangeable with Gear Keeper Retractor systems (Q/C-II End Type)
  • Exclusive sliding instrument attachment point-allows the instrument to be raised while preventing the strap from sliding on the user
  • Includes 3" Lanyard, 6" Lanyard & 1 1/8" Split Ring male connectors

End Types

Quick Connect-II (Q/C-II)

  • Quickly and easily disconnect instrument from Gear Keeper.
  • See Other Available Accessories

Force Options (Q/C-II)



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