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12GA STATAS - Bear Protection / Safety Flare

The STATAS is a multi-purpose safety device designed and to be your favorite adventure buddy!

Designed and built to be as compact and lightweight as possible so you can take it with you everytime you are outdoors.

Intended Uses:

  1. Camping
    Sleep peacefully knowing your area is secure and get instantly alerted if it becomes compromised.

  2. Hiking
    Lost or Hurt? Launch a signalling flare.
    Is there a large predator near you? Fire a bear banger

  3. Boating
    Fire signalling flares safely when needed

  4. Training / Airsoft
    Use 209 Primers to hear a loud bang when players set off the trip wires.

  5. Varmint Control / Garden Protection
    A Less Lethal way of reminding big game to stay away from your home

  6. Property Invasion
    Keep those pesky animals from getting in your tool shed without you knowing.

  7. Anti Vehicle Theft Device
    Nothing says pick someone else, than an unexpected loud noise when the trip wire is activated.

  8. Jogging
    Firing a signalling flare to alert help or scare off animals with an intimidating loud noise

    WARNING: For outdoor use only. Keep away from flammable materials. NEVER ATTEMPT TO USE LIVE AMMUNITION.

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