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Fox Labs 2/3oz Basket Weave Full Safety Holster

Brand: Fox Labs InternationalFox Labs International
$47.99 EA
Safety Features:
  • The 'Pull-the-Dot Snap' is a decoy to the would-be attacker, making the holster flap hard, if not impossible, to open.
  • The canister is difficult to draw from the holster, even if the flap is defeated, because the holster is form-fitted to the aerosol spray canister.
  • You fire the canister from within the holster, the only time you remove the canister is to replace it.
Quick Release
The patented system allows quick release and replacement of the holster to and from the duty belt. The use of heavy-duty Velcro® allows you the versatility to go from open hand situations to deadly force, and back again if necessary, with great ease.
Fully Adjustable
Fully adjustable for height and left or right hand carry (even upside down!), affording you maximum comfort and safety.
Interchangeable three part unit enables you to buy replacement pieces for damaged or worn out parts, instead of buying a whole new unit.
Streamlined, both horizontally and vertically, to conserve valuable space on the duty belt.
Plus you have a choice of two different back pads.
  • Original: side carry, duty belt fits through once.
  • Expanded: front carry, duty belt fits through twice.
  • Special Order Option: Horizontal carry pad for duty belts or wide (2 1/2") civilian belts.

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