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Lockhart Tactical 12GA STATAS GEN 2 - BLEM / DEMO UNIT

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Lockhart Tactical STATAS Hybrid Adapter (.22/.209) GEN 2
Lockhart Tactical STATAS Double Deployment Pouch
Lockhart Tactical STATAS Spare Parts Kit
Lockhart Tactical STATAS Quick Attach Strap

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Demo / Blemished items are first come, first serve!

What is a Blemished or Factory Second item?
A blemished or factory second item is a fully functional Lockhart Tactical product with some aesthetic issues like a paint chip, scratch, extra machine lines, or a bad edge. Also, these can include functional returns from customers that were used for demonstration/marketing purposes.

Can I see what the Blemish is?
Unfortunately not, if you purchase a Factory Second / Blemished unit, it will be fully functional but it may not look perfect. We will still offer our Lockhart Tactical full warranty on the function of all our sale items.

Each and every Demo / Factory seconds / Blemished units still go through the same safety inspections and tests and are fully functioning units.

Demo units are sold AS IS and cannot be returned for any reason.


GEN 2 Improvements:
1) 33% Lighter Weight
2) Dual Intergrated Molle Attachment Points
3) 1" webbing allows easy attachment to trees or posts without screws
4) Additional holes for mounting with paracord or Screws

Additional STATAS Information can be found here!


1) 209 12GA Shotgun Primers (adapter sold separately)
2) Construction 0.22 Caliber Single Shot Powder Loads (adapter sold separately)

1) Tru Flare Signalling Flares (6 Pack)
2) Tru Flare 15mm Bear Bangers (6 Pack)
3) Tru Flare 15mm Whistles / Screamers (6 Pack)
4) Tru Flare 12GA Comet Flare (5 Pack)
5) Tru Flare 12GA Bear Bangers (5 Pack)

2 Unit Molle Carrying Pouch
STATAS Double Deployment Pouch

Do You Want to Carry Spare Parts? We Offer That!
1) Spare STATAS Trip Wire (16M/50ft)

2) Spare STATAS Trip Pin
3) Complete Spare Parts Kit

Sentry (
A soldier stationed to keep guard or to control access to a place.

Keep situational awareness with the STATAS.

The STATAS was designed from the ground up to be an all in one Sentry Tactical Automatic Trip Alarm System. This tiny device can be deployed automatically when rigged as a trip alarm, or fire manually. The STATAS fits in small pockets, and can be quickly and safely deployed in seconds to fire emergency flares or bear bangers.

How to Prepare the STATAS for Emergency Deployment
Simply insert the compatible flare or bear banger of your choice. Point away from your body in a safe direction, and pull down on the attached pull ring. Once the launching spring is fully compressed, release the pull ring and the STATAS will do the rest.

How to Prepare the STATAS for Trip Wire Deployment
When setting up a perimeter, ensure the STATAS is unloaded. Connect the trip wire at the appropriate height for animals you wish to be alerted of. Keep in mind if the wire is too high or low, certain animals could walk over or under  without deployment. For optimal perimeter security we recommend to setup  multiple STATAS devices at different heights.

Once the trip wire is set, orientate and mount the STATAS to fire upwards for flares or downwards for blanks, if safe to do so. Ensure the STATAS is never pointed at a human or animal. Pull on the attached Pull Ring and insert the trip pin into the desired strength hole. Once setup and safe, insert flare or blank; the STATAS is ready for use.

Intended Uses:

  1. Camping
    Sleep peacefully knowing your area is secure and get instantly alerted if it becomes compromised.

  2. Hiking
    Lost or Hurt? Launch a signalling flare.
    Is there a large predator near you? Fire a bear banger

  3. Boating
    Fire signalling flares safely when needed

  4. Training / Airsoft
    Use 209 Primers to hear a loud bang when players set off the trip wires.

  5. Varmint Control / Garden Protection
    A Less Lethal way of reminding big game to stay away from your home

  6. Property Invasion
    Keep those pesky animals from getting in your tool shed without you knowing.

  7. Anti Vehicle Theft Device
    Nothing says pick someone else, than an unexpected loud noise when the trip wire is activated.

  8. Jogging
    Firing a signalling flare to alert help or scare off animals with an intimidating loud noise

STATAS GEN 2 Compatibility
12 Gauge Ammunition Blanks
12 Gauge Ammunition Flares
15mm Bear Bangers
15mm Signalling Flares
15mm Screamer Whistles
209 12GA Shotgun Primers (Hybrid Gen 2 adapter sold separately)
Construction 0.22 Caliber Single Shot Powder Loads (Hybrid Gen 2 adapter sold separately)

Machined from 6061-T6 Aircraft Grade Billet Aluminum and Hard Coat Anodized for Maximum Wear Resistance, the body is built to surive.

Internal components feature a Heat Treated Firing Pin to ensure it stays sharp and a Stainless Steel Spring to ensure maximum anti-corrision even in the harshest of enviroments.

Package Contents:
1x 12GA STATAS GEN 2 Device
1x Mounting Hardware Kit
1x Trip Pin
2x 16 Meters (50ft) of Rot Proof Ultra High Strength Trip Wire
Learn Why Lockhart Tactical Offers Different Colors of Trip Lines!


  • Machined from Billet 6061-T6 Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel Internals
  • Rot Proof Ultra High Strength Trip Wire
  • Mil-Spec Black or OD Green Hard Coat Anodized
  • Compatible with both 12GA Blanks and 15mm Flares
  • Lifetime Warranty

WARNING: For outdoor use only. Keep away from flammable materials. NEVER USE LIVE AMMUNITION.

WARNING: Any flares, blank, or any other munition can be very loud!


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