Hardwired Mantel Clock Camera - C1300MC
2015-11-03 04:25
If you are looking for a stylish camera then the Mantel Clock is perfect. This Mantel Clock is a fully functioning surveillance system, with a high qu
KJB-C1300MC SALE PRICE: $189.99 each
SilverCloud Waterproof Case - GPS816
2015-11-03 04:26
Designed to protect and magnetically mount any averaged size Real-Time GPS Tracking device for better covert tracking capabilities. Features and Best
KJB-GPS816 SALE PRICE: $49.99 each
SilverCloud Extended Battery - GPS818
2015-11-03 04:27
SilverCloud Extended Battery kit. Need more battery life out of your GPS800, this kit comes equipped with an extended rechargeable battery that will o
KJB-GPS818 SALE PRICE: $128.99 each
Tracking Key parts Kit - GPS817
2015-11-03 04:28
Tracking Key replacement parts kit. Lost or need replacement parts for your Tracking key, this kit includes battery cover and magnet, 4 screws, gasket
KJB-GPS817 SALE PRICE: $14.99 each
Hardwired Teddy Bear Color Camera - C1250C
2015-11-03 04:29
When you think of a Nanny Camera think of the Teddy Bear surveillance system, with a high quality CCD camera built inside, the camera is virtually hid
KJB-C1250C SALE PRICE: $157.99 each
Case W/ 2-50LB Magnets - E1080
2015-11-03 04:31
The largest of KJB's Waterproof Magnetic Cases, this model is equipped with two 50 lbs. magnets for optimal magnetization, and offers enough volume to
KJB-E1080 SALE PRICE: $39.99 each
Tie Clip Camera - C11741
2015-11-03 09:43
Clip on this tiny pinhole camera and receive high resolution video output from the tie clip camera. The C11741 is one of the best disguises for the pr
KJB-C11741 SALE PRICE: $266.99 each
Small Case W/1-80LB Magnet - E1070
2015-11-03 09:46
Designed specifically to be used with the SilverCloud Tag, this tiny magnetic case is only marginally larger than the size of Tag, making it the perfe
KJB-E1070 SALE PRICE: $28.99 each
SilverCloud Overdrive Magnet Mount - GPS821
2015-11-03 09:47
The SilverCloud Overdrive Magnetic Mounting bracket is the perfect solution for covert vehicle tracking. Designed specifically to fit the SilverCloud
KJB-GPS821 SALE PRICE: $49.99 each
Hardwired Wiring Kit for H5100 - GPS820
2015-11-03 09:49
When you need power beyond batteries this wiring kit allows you to direct connect your H5100 to your vehicle for permanent GPS power.
KJB-GPS820 SALE PRICE: $19.99 each
Wireless Camera Set USB DVR Kit - C1195
2015-11-03 09:49
The C1195 is a do-it-yourself 4 camera wireless security system capable of providing remote video access. The 4 Camera system has fewer wires than mos
KJB-C1195 SALE PRICE: $370.99 each
Silver Cloud AC Power Battery Charger - GPS814
2015-11-03 09:50
Charge your SilverCloud battery with the SilverCloud AC Adapter
KJB-GPS814 SALE PRICE: $19.99 each
Extra Battery and Charger for SilverCloud Overdrive - GPS822
2015-11-03 09:53
Extra battery and charger for the SilverCloud Overdrive (GPS803). Users who need even more battery life may consider purchasing this extra battery and
KJB-GPS822 SALE PRICE: $128.99 each
Mini DVR and Button Cam Set - DVR530
2015-11-03 09:57
KJB most economical DVR and Button Camera Kit, the DVR530 is also one of the smallest body worn DVR's on the market today. Equipped with high resoluti
KJB-DVR530 SALE PRICE: $135.99 each
All-in-One DVR and Camera System - DVR508
2015-11-03 10:02
Get the portable, Professional-Grade, high-res video recording you need without all of the complicated menus and settings! The DVR508 is an easy to us
KJB-DVR508 SALE PRICE: $235.99 each
GunVault Security Cables BB 3000
2016-01-25 11:32
BB3000 OVERVIEW:6-ft Security Cable Specifications: Gauge Exterior Product Dimensions HxWxD (inc. keypad and lock) x x " I
MO-BB3000 SALE PRICE: $16.99 each
Golden Rod Wireless Hygrometer
2017-06-03 09:11
The Golden Rod Wireless Hygrometer was designed to display the humidity in your vault without ever opening it. The wireless LCD display clearly shows
222532 SALE PRICE: $28.99 each
Stealth Cam Security / Bear Box for Stealth Cam
2019-04-05 15:33
Security / Bear Box Stealth Cam cameras – Bulk Packaging FEATURES CAMERA STYLE DS4K, G SERIES, G-PRO SERIES, GX SERIES,
STC-BB4K SALE PRICE: $49.99 each
Stealth Cam Python Lock Cable – 6′ Camouflage
2019-04-05 15:38
Keep your trail camera safe from theft with this Master Python lock. The Cut-resistant 6′ x 5/16″ braided steel cable adjusts from 6″ to 6′ ma
Stealth Cam Python Lock Cable – 6′ Black
2019-04-05 15:42
Keep your trail camera safe from theft with this Master Python lock. The Cut-resistant 6′ x 5/16″ braided steel cable adjusts from 6
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