Mitee-Bite Quick Change Receiver and Blank Pallet

Brand: Mitee-Bite CNC Fixture ClampsMitee-Bite CNC Fixture Clamps

SKU: MITEE-46500_23209

SALE PRICE: $600.99 each

Quick Change Receiver and Blank Pallet

MITEE-BITE announces the addition of a cost effective simple Quick Change Receiver System allowing for the rapid change out and precise location of small fixture pallets. The Mitee-Bite Quick Change Receiver is designed to accept any of our current pallets as well as the blank pallet shown. The receiver mounts on t-slot tables, tombstones, sub-plates and our Aluminum T-Slot Grid Plates. Special washers and mounting clamps are provided with the system.

  • All hardware recessed allowing the receiver to be skim cut to perfectly match the table.
  • Receiver furnished with diamond and taper pins and hardened liner bushings, threaded steel inserts, special washers and mounting clamps.
  • Blank pallet is fastened to the receiver with our Loc-Down® System, two turns of the Loc-Down® releases the pallet. 100 lbs. of force for every foot pound of torque.
  • The Loc-Down® is not removed from the receiver – lost cumbersome fasteners are a thing of the past.
  • No protruding fastener above the surface of the pallet to interfere with tooling.
  • High precision for a LOW COST solution!
  • Blank pallet sold separately.

46500   Quick Change Receiver
with (4) 1/2-13 Loc-Downs® and Hardware
46600   Quick Change Receiver with (4)
M12x1.75 Loc-Downs® and Hardware
46525   Quick Change Blank Pallet with Locating
and Loc-Down® Bushings Installed
11500   Loc-Down® (1/2-13)
11612   Loc-Down® (M12x1.75)
11520   Heavy Wall Loc-Down® Bushing
45070   Liner Bushings (2/pk)

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